Back in Action…again!

Howdy ya’ll! Ok, I know I have been SO bad with blogging lately, it’s the whole summer thing, I promise. But I am going to definitely try and be more regular, now that things have calmed down. So hereeee…is another catch up entry.

I moved back to Houston! Only for like, 5 weeks, but it works for me and I was ecstatic to be hre. It took a3 days of packing (to which I managed to accumulate a ton of stuff and still forget a few things…), 10 hours of driving and an obligatory stop at the first Whataburger across the border before I made is back to the greatest city and state in the nation…Houston, Texas! And now, HERE I AM!

I started a new job. I am at a new law firm in downtown and it is just wonderful!

You think your office building is big? Check mine out.

I have finally left the wide world of plaintiff’s law and gone to the defense dark side, as some call it. I personally love it! I am working in environmental law and thin it is SO interesting. My father can be so proud…no matter all my adversity to being an engineer like him, I am still handling hazardous material and filter sludge just like him! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree there…or in our terms, the trash didn’t fall far from the landfill?

I caught up with friends! Oh, and family. Yepp, everyone’s here. Little bro is back home too working and that’s always lovely. I got to have margaritas and foroy with Fit Chick Britt and catch up on all her new life changes.

I also saw some old friends from HS, even hit up an Astros game with my superfan friend Tiff!

Tiff and I at the Houston Astros v. Pittsburgh Pirates game

My new Astros shirt turned out way cute!

We had a close call at the game actually…check this out. We went to get a hot dog during the 5th inning, after my main man Hunter Pence batted of course.

What a baseball stud!!

The first place was sold out so we walked down a bit further to get one. Well when we get back, we learned that one of the Pirates players had thrown a bat into the stands and it landed in our seats! That wouldn’t have tickled had a major league player zonked me in the head with a bat. So a hot dog saved out lives, god bless those pork/beef mixture case entrails.

I got frizzy hair.  Thanks Houston, for having the worst humidity known to man. I had been having SUCH great hair days in Birmingham and sure enough the minute I drove into town, I got big ol’ Texas hair again. 2 cans of hair spray later, I am working on controlling that so that I don’t scare people away.

So that’s where I am and what I am doing now. I promise I will have something good for you in the next few days, there is always something exciting going on here at home. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Amazon babes need clothes too!

Happy Sundayyyy 🙂 Does anyone else think Sunday nights are kind of boring without the Amazing Race on? Good thing there was a Harry Potter marathon haha.

Lets see, today i went shopping! So Capri pants are totally in style. And I love them. BUT when you’re just wearing pants that are too short for you, that’s a high-water, not a Capri. And that’s just not cute. Well, welcome to my life. I’m almost 6’1 and have been handling the high-water situation for as long as I can remember.

With the new job, I have been forced to trade in my Nike shorts and t-shirt regime for suits and button ups.


But the one thing I can’t handle, is short work pants. it’s not professional, it’s not cute and it’s totally my pet peeve. And for an Amazon like me (Amazon sounds better than giant…) it’s a simple pleasure when you can find awesome pants. And today at New York and Co., my little tall-minded dreams came true! I bought pants this afternoon that might even be too long! They’re fabulous, I’m wearing them tomorrow and will of course take pics of how fabulously long they are! They were also on sale, score!

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend! Other than my sweet clothing find, we had a going away party for a girlfriend from England, I ran the long trail in the heat both days, laid out at the pool, and cleaned/did laundry.

My party outfit, it was American themed. What’s more American than Lilly Pulitzer??

What a terrific weekend, I’m all smiles 🙂 Week 2 at the new job tomorrow, and and so far so fabulous!

Sunday Fun-day by myself day!

Sunday fun-day can have a lot of different meanings. But personally, I have never been one to rock out on a Sunday (unless there’s a Houston Texans game of course!) This Sunday was actually my first, and only, day of spring break that I had to myself! So my Sunday fun-day went as such…

I slept in. Only until like 9:30, but there was no alarm, no plan and no one woke me up. How fabulous.

I ran. Its gorgeous outside in Birmingham on the first official day of spring. I also am trying to amp up the running for my future tri, and for the formal dress I have to fit in this weekend.

I made breakfast. Pancakes sounded so good, henceforth, I made them. Even used the sweet new pan Mom bought me.


I watched Harry Potter. Yes, again. There’s this 4 day marathon on ABC family and I just can’t say no. I have a minor crush on Draco Malfoy and chose to indulge in the other half of the series! (But don’t oh worry, I didn’t miss the Amazing Race! It was during a movie I had already seen fortunately, phew!)

I wrote and edited my Appellate Brief. Ok that wasn’t part of the fun day plan, but let’s be real, this is law school.

I went to a meeting. Also not in the plan, but its law week, and we had to plan Freshman Follies. Section 3 will rock, get ready! Plan of a life time.

I cruised in Bumble. For anyone that doesn’t know, Bumble is my 2010 Camaro who I personify into way more than a car. I love him, bottom line. He’s been parked all week, so it was time to take him for a spin! So we cruised on over to Starbucks and got a passion fruit iced tea sweetened with raspberry. Fab choice.


I baked. Any good day for me involves baking usually. I had a weird hankering for blueberry muffins, so I made sure I had everything and started making them. I already had the dry ingredients mixed, when I noticed that of the two entire gallons of milk I had in the fridge…both were expired. Someone told me once, probably my all-knowing mother, that water can be a substitute for milk in most things, so water it was! They actually turned out very good! Dot laugh at my ghetto pans, they’re next on the kist of homegoods that I need to purchase!


I ate dinner. Notice I didn’t say made dinner. I just warmed up brisket that mom sent back with me from home and ate that, and was perfectly content.

And what I didn’t do…see many people, clean anything (although I do love to Clorox), go to the library, check the mail or anything else I didn’t want to do. And life was good today. (I also didn’t go to Jason Aldean at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but that was really out of my hands!)

So now I’m just sitting on the chaise lounge, country music playing on my stereo dock and enjoying it. Real life starts again tomorrow…kind of. It’s law week, so it’s like quasi real life and I’ll take it! A long week of law school sanctioned shenanigans ahead sounds grand to me!

Home in Houston!

Ok…what a week! I haven’t been posting because I have been home in Houston on vacation for spring break! This week was absolutely amazing even though it was very short. Going home is always awesome, because I raelly do have a great hometown full of awesome people that I love. And since I was SO busy hanging out with people and running around, I didn’t get the chance to blog. Here’s the rundown of my Houston trip… 

Starting with Monday, day of travel. I’m lucky that I had a good friend in Birmingham to driop me at the airport, so I didnt have to pay for parking. All was well until I actually got in the airport. Apparently the weather in Houston was bad, which meant that  all the flights in Birmingham were delayed. My 12:00pm flight turns into 1:00, then 2:00, then 4:15pm. I’m getting worried in the airport that I am not going to make it home in time for the rodeo! God help me I miss Kid Rock perform, and heads will just roll. So FINALLY, I get on the plane and make it back to Houston. Dad picks me up, we rush home and I change and head to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. with my best guy friend! Kid Rock was FABULOUS! He does an amazing job in concert. I haven’t ever seen him perform before, but he rocked. I’m glad he played some of the old school songs and not just the new stuff. I used to live for “Cowboy” and “Bawidabaw” back in high school!

If you’re not from Houston, you might not completely get the esense of the rodeo, but its just an experience. We had sausage on a stick, had  few beers, saw some friends and watched the rodeo events go down. I only wish I could have been in town for more of it, but at least I made it for one night!

So the second full day in Houston was terrific. I started off wedding dress shopping with my girlfriend Nancy, who is marryong one of my best guy friends. She looked amazing in every single dress! I can’t post any pictures, because that would give away the suprise, but stay tuned for wedding photos in November! Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Lance Wilson!

Then I took a special visit to see my “nephew” Rayden. Rayden is the son of a close friend of mine, Matt, and his wife Lyndsay. Matt is in the US Navy, stationed at Little Creek, VA, and will be shipping out next week to Libya for 10 months. His son is only 7 months old and Lynds is doing a great job raising him on her own while he is gone. I love going to visit him, because hes just so previous. This boy will be breaking hearts in no time!

Later that night was girls night out! I have some fabulous girlfriends from high school, and we make it a point to get together whenever I am in town. We always meet at La Cabana, a Mexican food restaurant in Spring, and have margaritas! It is always so fun to catch up, dish the drama and just have a great time. (You might recognize one of them…thats Fit chick Birtt!)

On Wednesday, it was time for interviewing! I am looking for a cummer clerkship in Houston in the field of environmental law or oil and gas corporate law. I love the downtown Houston area and would love to work down there again. So everyone thinkg REALLY GOOD thoughts and hope that I get one of these jobs so I can come home for the summer!

I decided to spend that night hanging with the family. We are Medican food from Papasitos, one of the best restaurants around, and watched Survivor and Storage Wars. My family’s guilty pleasure is reality TV, and we love watching all our shows together. It was fun to hang out with them for a little bit, and to see our puppy! Sox is the funniest little dog ever, and wasn’t gung-ho about me forcing her to take pictures all night haha!

On Thursday, just a short time after ariving in Houston…it was time to leave again 😦 I headed to the Houston airport. I was so excited to be selected for the body scanner, because I raelly wanted to know what the hype was all about! It was about…nothing. So anti-climatic, I was totally bummed. You literally step in, let the thing spin aroudn you twice, and then step back out. Seriously America, we spent months and protests and energy actually complaining about that little thing?! What a bust.

Grabbed breakfast, made it to the gate, and of course…all hell broke loose. I am like kryptonite for air travel apparently, because nothing went right on the way home. After my original flight was delayed 4 times, it was finally cancelled, as was the next flight to Birmingham. Apparently there is a flight attendant shortage, and the one assigned to our flight decided she didn’t want to work. How lovely of her! The next flight was cancelled too, but I managed to grab a standby seat on a 1pm flight and get home to Birmingham finally!

After a quick trip to the grocery store and a shower, my best friend from Texas drove into Alabama for a visit. Birmi ngham, we have RED RAIDER INVASION! Melinda, my best friend, her boyfriend Sam and his brother Jack, are staying with me for the next three days and I am just exstatic to see them! We only get to visit about once a year, so this visit is really special. She is my first visitor in my new apartment! We started their visit off at Dave’s Pizza in Homewood, AL, which is a favorite of mine. Unforunately, everything closes early on Thursdays and we were too late to go to Yogurt Mountain 😦 good thing it is open tomorrow!

Ok…PHEW, thats it! What a whirlwind trip to Houston, but it was SO worth it. I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break, has anyone done anything fun? I’m returning to th real world life of a 1L with the appellate brief looming over my head, law week spproaching and my taxes that really need to be finished. But for now, I am going to enjoy sleeping in my own bed for a night and getting some sleep! Happy St. Patrick;s Day everyone, enjoy your green beer!

Ribbons, raffeta and bows…oh my!

Ohh Thursday. The best part about Thursday is that it is Friday’s precursor, and that means the weekend is right around the corner. I have a very busy weekend ahead though, with the Team Sting Spring Fling Tournament going on all Saturday.

So, the best part of my Thursday? Well, besides getting out of property class almost an hour early, because that was awesome, was a nice run with Sarge. Sarge is a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador/Pit Bull mix that belongs to my friend Hunter who is nice enough to let me borrow his puppy as a running partner. This dog more takes me on a run, but he’s so excited to be out there that I get excited too. How could you not love this guy?

He’s beyond cute right? Love him.

I spent the rest of the night with friends, and then retired to the apartment to make some goodies for my team. Don’t get me wrong, they may run wall sprints and give me a hard time sometimes, but I spoil them rotten. I love to craft, so making them things is one of my favorite out of law school activities. Let’s see what they have gotten…

First there was Christmas:

Then they’re were team ribbons, because every team need ribbons to match their uniform!

Next up was Valentine’s day. What doesn’t need pink hairbows for a Valentine’s Day tournament? Well, my team did.

But I think Valentine’s stuff is so cute, so I had to make them individual Valentine’s presents too!

Well, I had a tournament without a holiday last weekend, and that drive me crazy. I love holidays! Fortunately, with the help of my mother, we have Mardi Gras gifts this weekend! Mom was nice enough to ship me fleur-de-lis cookies from a fabulous bakery in Texas for the girls, which I wrapped up in Mardi Gras colors!

I think they’ll be excited, who doesn’t love gifts? So as I said, my team is spoiled rotten by me. St. Patty’s day is already in the works with green gifts and matching green shamrock hairbows! I can’t wait!

When I go back to visit Texas, they will be getting a Texas themed gift that could make anyone a lover of the Lone Star state 🙂 Speaking of which, 2 weeks until my visit home! I can taste the fried Twinkie at the rodeo already.

Civil procedure at 9am is going to come early and I have a long day of tournament prep after classes tomorrow, so I am forcing myself to put away the bows and head to bed. If you have fun craft ideas, send them over, as I always love new ideas and suggestions!

Practice makes Perfect

Wednesday is practice day! Coming off last weekend’s tournament, we have a hearty practice ahead of us tonight. The girls realy need to focus on teamwork and communication tonight. We only have ONE practice this week due to gym scheduling, but we will have a very full weekend of playing.

Heres a synopsis of how I plan to jam and action pack a full practice, incentives and a scrimmage into three short hours.

Lets start with INCENTIVES. They’re actually punishments, let’s be real. But i prefer to call them incentives that are fundatory…fun AND mandatory. Wall sprints are our punishment, i mean incentive, of choice and all the girls know they are coming tonight! 1 wal sprint-dropped freeball, 50 wall sprints-lack of hustle, 25 wall sprints-make-up worn at practice, 25 wall sprints-out of uniform at a tournament, 25 wall sprints-unauthorized use of a cell phone at a tournament. We might very well have to break the wall sprints up into multiple practices since some of the have a multitude to run.

Then will be a warm-up and the ball control circuit as usual. I like to keep thinks light hearted after incentives, so that the girls can stay positive and not feel lik e theyre in trouble all practice. Once incentives are over, we don’t talk about them again and move on. Next up are defensive movement series and serve recieve.

DRILL OF THE DAY: Servers v. Passers. Using two teams, set up three back row passers a setter and a target at left fronton each side of the net. Have the servers from one team serve at the passers from the other team. The goal is to get 25 passes to the target. In order for it to be a perfect pass, the setter but stay in front of the 10 foot line, and within one step of her position 7 base. BUT, if their servers miss a serve, you subtract one from the total. You are serving at the opposite team, so you want to serve competitively, but since it adversly effects your score to miss, you want to make sure the serve stays in. This drill is game like and encourages proper competitive serving, but also shows that the serve is important in a game because it loses a point. The passes are encouraged to work harder and pass more balls to increase the score as until their goal. When one team reaches 25 passes, the other team must run the deficit in wall sprints.

At the end of practice, we will scrimmage full out against the other teams in a game-like situation. Leaving the girls feeling like they had a good practice and made positive improvement is important because it will put them in a postive mood for the tournament. We had an overall great practice, minus my eyes being crazy dilated the whole time. I could barely see anything the whole time, but I could be blind and see champions!

In other alspects of life, I am happy to report that the trash can small problem has been resolved. With a hearty can of Frbreze and some lemons in the garbage disposal, the kitchen is smelling thai-dragonfruit-berry fresh and clean. Makes me SO happy yo come home at night to a delicious smelling house. After a long day today of classes, doctors appointments and practices, I’m beat! Ended the night on the highest note of all, my wonderful mother bought me a plane ticket home to Texas for spring break! Yeeeeehaw and goodnight.

Happy Birthday Texas!

Today is the Great State of Texas’ 175th birthday! Although I am not there, I feel it completely appropriate to be wearing Texas colors and celebrating here in Alabama. I do have a volleyball introductino night tonight, which means they will be introducing every team and taking group/club photos, but I feel the urge to dedicate this entire post to the ABC’s of “What I love about Texas!” Everyone jokes that I am way too proud of Texas and it is quite possible that I might be a bit biased, but there truly are fabulous things about Texas. Here we go…

A: Armadillos. Theyre not roadkill, theyre cute.

B: Bluebonnests. The state flower of Texas is just beautiful. Oh, its also a state offense punishable by law to pick them on public property. Take that.

C: Country Music. Some of the best performers come straight out of small town Texas, like Eli Young Band, Roger Creager, Randy Rogers and Pat Green. They all perform every summer at festivals, fairs and the racetrak and are by fat the best performers out there.

D: Dr. Pepper. You might not know, but the Dr. Pepper factory is deep in the heart of Texas. Personally, I am a fan of diet Dr. Pepper, but its all from the same place!

E: Energy. We drill our own oil down here baby, let me go dig up my backyard.

F: Football. HOUSTON TEXAS FOOTBALL. So what he haven’t won a Superbowl? We are the most fun team in the NFL! Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans, Arian Foster, Vonta Leach…we have a stacked roster who all have an amazing fan base behind them all the way! Football in general is big down here, Friday night lights style.

G: Good friends! Some of my best friends are in Texas, and I always love giong back to visit them.

H: Horwitch family. Thats right, the fam is still in Texas. Fortunately, I go back to visit quite frequently and they just cant get rid of me. See ya’ll in 2 weeks!

I: Ice, or rather lack there of. Its always hot in Texas and we don’t do the whole ice storm/snow storm/winter storm thing.

J: John Cooper School, my high school. Great high school located in the Woodlands, Texas that provided me with some great memories and a terrific education. Go Dragons!

K: Klein. This school district provided a solid three quarters of my memories in high school, and gave me some friends who I am still close with today!

L: Longhorns! Not only the football team, but the actual animal. It’s stately, regal and grandiose…everything a state animal of Texas should be.

M: Mutton bustin;. If you dont know what this is, it is the greatest rodeo sport ever invented. Children under the age of 8 are helmeted up and put on sheep to ride across the rodeo floor while being timed. It is like toddler version of bull riding, and beyond funny.

N: Nascar. Some say it stands for “not a sport, calling all rednecks” but down in TX, its a big deal. Texas Motor Speedway gets fired up and ready to go for the races!

O: Oreos, fried oreos. Only at the rode can you get a fried oreo. It might be enough to clog your arteries for a yaer but it is totally worth it. Wash your fried oreo down witha fried twinkie and you’re good to go on fat intake for the year.

P: Presidents. Specificall, LBJ, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Three great presidents have come straight out of the heartland, and two of them still make their home here today at Crawford Ranch.

Q: umm, Quilting? My mom quilts. Don’t all moms? She’s really good too.

R: the RODEO! Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the biggest (yes, this is a proven statistic) and best rodeo in the nation! Where else can you see Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Kiss and Justin Beiber on the same stage? Houston, Texas…thats right. Cook-off to wagon races to performers to cute cowboys, we have it all.

S: Shiner Boch. Texas brewed boch beer that is terrific. It is brewed locally in Shiner, Texas and until recently, could only be purchased in Texas. I recently found it in Alabama and it was one of the happiest days!

T: TexMex food. No where in the nation can you find a better Mexican food restaurant, complete with queso and blue margaritas for under 20 bucks.

U: Underwear. Texas is the only state that Victoria’s Secret makes collegiate underwear for more than one state school. What whaaaaat.

V: Views. Listen to Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States” and you’ll understand….

W: Whataburger. What a burger! The best fast food in the country and the only place you can get a taquito or honey butter chicken biscuit at 2am, and the only fast food joint to serve legitimate biscuits and gravy like mama made.

X: X-rays. I’m using this as more of a representative symbol word, since X really is a rough letter. But speaking of x-rays, Houston has one of the best medical centers in the nation. There is no where else in the nation I would be treated.

Y: Yellow roses. Our state flower, the yellow rose of Texas, pretty must says it all. Some say yellow roses mean friendship, but we think yellow roses mean love, Texas and forever.

Z: Zumba. Apparently its all the rage and my gym offers classes. A pretty lame letter to end on.

There are tons of other things I love about Texas, but that will do for now.

In the words of Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights the TV show…heres to God, football, and living large in Texas. God Bless Texas and happy birthday!

What I SHOULD have titled this blog…

would have been, “True Life” I am a 1L.” But let’s be hoenst, unless youre sharing in all the loveliness of law school thats probably the LAST thing anyone ever wants to know about. I already bore my family and friends to tears with stories of cases and motions and judgments, and tons of other things they have no interest in. So you’ll only get a small dose of that, dont you worry! 😉

I haven’t been on WordPress in over a year, so let’s get reacquanted. I am Samantha. I’m a 23 year old law student at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama.  Although I attempt to introduce myself as Samantha, it never works and I end up being Samm again. Yes, there are 2 mms in Samm, because I am not a boy.

Yepp, thats me. I came from Texas and will always love the home state! In fact, I am missing the Houston Livestock Show and Rode cook-off weekend right now and am NOT please about it. Its go Texas day today. My family is still back in Texas and I visit frequently. Probably more frequently than my parents want, since it seems like the minute they get rid of both kids…one comes right back.  If i had a stetson here, I would have worn it to the library.

I have played volleyball for basically my whole life, but there comes a point when apparently you run out of NCAA eligibility, and you have to retire. Well, that point was 2 yaers ago. Those who can no longer play…coach. So now, I am Coach Samm, head coach of the Team Sting 16-2 junior national volleyball team.

 I wish I could say there was MORE to what I do, but thats about it. I go to class, I study, I coach. And occasionally when I get bored, I bake cupcakes because if I could do anything in the world, it would be drop out of law school and open a cupcake bakery. Second to that, is being a fabulous attorney, and a blonde one at that. Who says Legally Blonde had to be JUST a movie?

We are headed to Atlanta tonight for the North Atlanta Juniors Tournament that will be played tomorrow. Roadtrip with 3 other coaches should be a good time as usualy. We are in a power division, which is the higher of the age group divisions. It could quite possibly be a serious learning experience for the girls. I have a fabulous team…energy, skill, passion, they have it all. Except for being 6’4 with 25″ verticals. I walked by a girl the other day that was my size and I had at LEAST a decade on her. They are growing them big nowadays, I tell you.  That is the power division for you. But we are doing it, and I count on them to rock.  They better be ready to go, because with a 7:45am start time on Saturday morning, Coach Samm might need a cup of coffee. Of 4.  Fortunately, it is pretty impossible to be in a bad mood around my bunch no matter how early in the morning.

Coming off rpactice last night, I do feel we are ready. Now for Drill of the Day. SCRIMMAGE WITHOUT A SCORE. This is a general scrimmage, nothing fancy, nothing special. the point of the drill is to focus the girls not on the score, but on playing a winning game. Sometimes, during the game, players get so caught up in being ahead of behind on the scoreboard, that they forget to just play a game to win. We did the first game keeping a regular rally play score. The second game, thsoe smarties started keeping track of the score on their own, and we had to change it up. For the second game, switch to  reward and penalty system.Regular rally scoring for the most part, but when someone misses a serve or lets afree  ball drop without going for it, you subtract a point from that team. It shows the girls how important it is to make their serves and make perfect passes on easy plays to set up their offense. They got the point, and the second scrimmage was a good hard game. For good measure and to brag on them, my 16 year oplds beat the 17 year olds both game. Get it girls.  

In the meantime, I have a Response to a Motion for Summary Judgment and a Memorandum Brief in Opposition to perfect. I know I said I wouldn’t bore you to death with legal jargon, but this is MY blog, right? Back to the library and then to an envirograting Lawyering and Legal Reasoning seminar that would put even the most interested law student to sleep.

If you want more, follow me on Twitter, @SAHorwitch. For now, as one of my professors ends EVERY email…happy trails.


My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!