“A woman should always be Classy AND Fabulous”

So lately, as you can probably tell, I have been WAY lax in posting anything on the blog. Reasoning for this is, my life isnt all together too exciting. It is summer, so I don’t have law school to complain about, volleyball is out of club season, I work a lot at the new job (which I absolutely love) and I have  really been trying to be out and about enjoying Houston when I am out of the office! So rather than bore you with the detail of my wonderful summer, I just have taken a short sabbatical from the blogging world. But I’m back, and once again have something to say.
Working in the corporate world teaches you a lot. And so does reality TV. So after a few weeks of wandering around downtown Hoston seeing all the business women, and a Saturday marathon of “Tim Gun’s Guide to Style,” I got to thinking. Tim Gun had a fabulous spin on what every woman should have in their closet, and you can find his article online. But the business world is a little bit different than the fashion world…supposedly. Women work in a man;s world of black suits and button ups, that give an androgenous feel to the body and the woman as a whole. But why? Why do women feel the urge to fall into the trap of sensible shoes, boxy Oxford shirts and no-wrinkle khacki pants? My friend, I do not. Why dress like the men, when you can dress like yourself, and still look profesional fab? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, there is a line between being a stand out and just plain standing out, but I think you can be as fabulous in the business world as you are in real life. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Be classy and fabulous.”
So along those lines, here are MY Top 10 items every business WOMAN needs in her closet. I had some help with all these, considering my mother has atempted to pound fashion sense in my head for years now. Maybe some of it is sinking in haha.  
1. Black classic stilleto pointed pumps-Not stripper heels, but classy black patent or leather heels that are 4 inches or shorter.
2. White Fitted Oxford Shirt-I am obsessed with Brooks Brothers Oxford shirts, because they are cut for women and they don’t wrinkle ever! You dont want some big old shirt shoved into a skirt or pants, you want something that is professional and crisp, yet compliments your figure.the KEY to a good Oxford button up shirt, is that it does not pull over the chest area. If it does, but a size bigger and find a good tailor to put in some side darts! While you’re there, pick up a pink and a blue too for some color fun!
3. Pearl Earrings and Necklace-Absolutely no explanation needed,.Every woman should own a set of pearls.
4. Fitted Black Pants– The perfect pant as I call them. I have 4 pairs of the same exact black pants because I love them so much! Make sure they are long enough when wearing heels, lay comfortable on the waist and are always nicely pressed. You can pair them with just about any top or blazer.
5. White and Black Cardigans-Goes over any shirt, dress and can be actually worn or drapped. Makes any top go instantly to professional and covered. Grab some colored ones to spice up white shirts!
6. Day to Night Dress-The perfect dress that can go from professional during the day (possible with a sweater or blazer overit) to appropriate for both a work dinner or cocktail hour with friends. Shoes can always be changed and jewelry added,but a sleek day to night dress is always appropriate.
7. Plain Black Purse-Apparently the corporate backpack trand is coming back, but I beg to differ. No woman in a skirt suit looks good with her Jansport swung over her shoulder. But at the same time, the workplace might not be the place for your White signature LV Speedy.It can be designer and fabulous (mine happens to be python skin) but black, non-descript and mathes everything none the less.
8. Classic Black Pencil Skirt-Tight enough to draw the eye, not tight enough to look tashy. If you’ve got it flaunt it though, an work it girl.
9. A Fabulous Blazer-Well fitted, a fun color anhd flattering to the body that can be paired with simple black pants and shoes to make a funs tateament. White is a personal favorite of mine…
10.  The perfect undershirt. It seems like everything can be too low cut, or see through or just needs an udnershit. The perfect white undershirt shouldnt even be noticed, just serve its prupose. My fav is from White House Black Market, has a built in bra top and is made of a fabulous fabric. Looks great under cardigans, blazers, everything!
So that is my little bit of insight into what women should wear in the workplace.  Anything you would ass to the list? Let’s me real, its only a man’s world if you let i be!

Better Late than Never! April Blog Awards

So about 2 weeks ago (maybe more) Fit Chick Britt nominated me for a blog award for “most stylish blogger.” So thank you Britt! If you havent read her blog, you really should. As far as blog friends go, you never actually meet them in person and communicate just through blogs, but Britt is actually a rel life friend of mine, and has been for years before this from back in the days of high school! Shes a great girl and her blog is inspirational, funny and very real. She’s also a blonde and everyone knows blondes have more fun! Apparently you’re supposed to nominate someone new for these awards, and in order to maintain ettiquette and avoid a vicious circle of nominations, I will notmiate someone new. BUT you should still pop on over to Fit Chick Britt’s blog and check it out. I know I do every day!

Fit Chick Birtt and I at her bachelorette party last year!

So apparently the rules are: get norminated, norminate someone else ( as far as I know, I think its supposed to be the same award you got yourself), tell 7 fact about yourself. So here we go.

Drumroll please…I am going to norminate two people who’s blogs I recently started reading and find them very interesting and entertaining! Thanks to both the ladies for reading and commenting on my blog. For most stylish blooger we have:

Natalie at Follow my Fitsteps and Katie at Real Food Katie’s Way.

Now for 7 facts about myself. Since I tend to default and talk about myself when I haven’t done anything else noteworthy to blog about. Well today was one of those days where nothing happened, I didn’t eat anything cool and was kind of overall bored studying all day. I now have to come up with 7 facts I haven’t told you before. Its actually kind of hard, but here we go.

1. I love yellow cars! I have had 3. A yellow Volkswagen bug, a yellow Nissan X-terra, and now a yellow Chevy Camaro. The Camaro, “Bumblebee,” is definitely my favorite! I plan to own a yellow car forever, it’s like a trademark for me now! Next up, I think I want a yellow Chevy Corvette or a pick-up truck.

Bumblebee 🙂

2. I’m single. Kind of a vital statistic, I mean, they asked it on my tax return didn’t they? I read all about peoples husbands and fiances and boyfriends, but not me. I have no man, and no plan. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I am some man-eater. Currently, I just dont have a lot of time between law school and working and everything else going on. Oh, and I haven’t found anyone TO date. Small technicality there. BUT single doesn’t mean unhappy, because that’s def not me!

3. I had perfect attendance K through 12 minus 2 days during my senior year. I almost had it!! I even went to school on one of those days and threw up during first period and they had to force me to go home. Sure enough, I had like, 7 infections, needed 2 shots and was in rough shape. My attendance record extends to today…I skipped 2 classes in undergrad (not including volleyball absences) and in my entire law school career I have missed 1 class. Total nerd, I know!

Sarge and I in Property class on Rascal day!

4. In a previous life (aka life before law school), I was a model. I worked for Premiere Models in Houston, Texas and loved it! I already love taking pictures of myself, and it’s way fun when other people do it for you and you get paid for it!

5. I wear pearls every single day. A pearl stud in each of my ears and either a strand of pearls, or a single large pearl on a chain around my neck. And I do mean everyday, regardless of outfit I wore them today with my hot pink nike shorts and large t-shirt. Its classy, it’s fabulous. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are a girl’s staple.

6. I hate odd numbers. Like, everything about them. I hate that all radio stations are odd numbers. The volume in my car and on my tv are always on an number. I do things in multiples of two. I lock my car twice. I knock twice. I only have dishware and glassware in sets that are multiples of 2. It drives me cray that my phone number has weird odd numbers in it. Things are just more even and neat when they are even.

7. I’m really torn between growing my hair back out again or leaving it short. It was cut short and shaved over a year ago and has grown to an even length. I like my short haircut and think it is easy and fun and different from everyone else and am kinf of really glad that I was forced to cut it short, but I do miss the long hair sometimes. I’m at the point where I need to make a decision too. I am thinking I might just grow it aq little longer and settle on a happy medium. that way it is still a little edgy, but it can also all go into an easy ponytail. Any thoughts? Compare away!

Long hair or…

short hair?

Ok now you know a bunch of completely random things about me! Don’t you feel enlightened and educated haha? I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Be ready to wake up with a smile tomorrow 🙂


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