Back in Action…again!

Howdy ya’ll! Ok, I know I have been SO bad with blogging lately, it’s the whole summer thing, I promise. But I am going to definitely try and be more regular, now that things have calmed down. So hereeee…is another catch up entry.

I moved back to Houston! Only for like, 5 weeks, but it works for me and I was ecstatic to be hre. It took a3 days of packing (to which I managed to accumulate a ton of stuff and still forget a few things…), 10 hours of driving and an obligatory stop at the first Whataburger across the border before I made is back to the greatest city and state in the nation…Houston, Texas! And now, HERE I AM!

I started a new job. I am at a new law firm in downtown and it is just wonderful!

You think your office building is big? Check mine out.

I have finally left the wide world of plaintiff’s law and gone to the defense dark side, as some call it. I personally love it! I am working in environmental law and thin it is SO interesting. My father can be so proud…no matter all my adversity to being an engineer like him, I am still handling hazardous material and filter sludge just like him! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree there…or in our terms, the trash didn’t fall far from the landfill?

I caught up with friends! Oh, and family. Yepp, everyone’s here. Little bro is back home too working and that’s always lovely. I got to have margaritas and foroy with Fit Chick Britt and catch up on all her new life changes.

I also saw some old friends from HS, even hit up an Astros game with my superfan friend Tiff!

Tiff and I at the Houston Astros v. Pittsburgh Pirates game

My new Astros shirt turned out way cute!

We had a close call at the game actually…check this out. We went to get a hot dog during the 5th inning, after my main man Hunter Pence batted of course.

What a baseball stud!!

The first place was sold out so we walked down a bit further to get one. Well when we get back, we learned that one of the Pirates players had thrown a bat into the stands and it landed in our seats! That wouldn’t have tickled had a major league player zonked me in the head with a bat. So a hot dog saved out lives, god bless those pork/beef mixture case entrails.

I got frizzy hair.  Thanks Houston, for having the worst humidity known to man. I had been having SUCH great hair days in Birmingham and sure enough the minute I drove into town, I got big ol’ Texas hair again. 2 cans of hair spray later, I am working on controlling that so that I don’t scare people away.

So that’s where I am and what I am doing now. I promise I will have something good for you in the next few days, there is always something exciting going on here at home. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


What an Egg-cellent day!

But really, today was fab. First of all, I wore my pants and they were long and didn’t show my ankles and looked just fabulous! I have never been happier to wear a pair of slacks in my life. It’s truly the simple pleasures in life that put me in a great mood for the whole day at work!

After a long and busy day at the office, I was in a great mood and had to get in a run. Tri approaching, yea yea yea. For the record, I dot actually love running. I enjoy it, but I don’t love it. But one thing that makes me LOVE going for a run, is taking my main man Sarge out with me!


Sargent York, or Sarge, (a frequent mention in here) is my friend Hunter’s Australian Ridgeback/Pitbull. And he is just precious! Hunter is nice enough to let me take Sarge running since I don’t have my own pup and I love running with Sarge. I won’t lie, he’s not trained and has a mine of his own, so he is always an adventure to take out. He likes to chase me back around posts when he goes the wrong way and I try to follow. But he is a great time and keeps me so happy while running.



After dropping Sarge off, I went home to make dinner. The only proper meal for an egg-cellent day is…egg salad! I love egg salad but have never made it. My favorite place in Houston to get egg salad is Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli on Post Oak Boulevard. I you haven’t been there, you should try it out!

Egg salad seemed like a good, cool meal for a hot summer day. It was easy to put together after work quickly, cheap(!), and packed full of protein! Healthy and easy…I like 🙂

Ao I gave it a shot, how hard could it be?

Boiled eggs? Check.


Chop the eggs, mix with a little mayo and spices? Check.


Serve with toasted French bread? Check.


See, wasn’t hard at all! And it was SO good! I even made enough to have some lunch at the office tomorrow 🙂 but of course, I can’t find Tupperwhere to put it on, so that is my task for the night during commercials in the Bachelorette! Hope everyone had a egg-cellent Monday to start their week off right!

Home in Houston!

Ok…what a week! I haven’t been posting because I have been home in Houston on vacation for spring break! This week was absolutely amazing even though it was very short. Going home is always awesome, because I raelly do have a great hometown full of awesome people that I love. And since I was SO busy hanging out with people and running around, I didn’t get the chance to blog. Here’s the rundown of my Houston trip… 

Starting with Monday, day of travel. I’m lucky that I had a good friend in Birmingham to driop me at the airport, so I didnt have to pay for parking. All was well until I actually got in the airport. Apparently the weather in Houston was bad, which meant that  all the flights in Birmingham were delayed. My 12:00pm flight turns into 1:00, then 2:00, then 4:15pm. I’m getting worried in the airport that I am not going to make it home in time for the rodeo! God help me I miss Kid Rock perform, and heads will just roll. So FINALLY, I get on the plane and make it back to Houston. Dad picks me up, we rush home and I change and head to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. with my best guy friend! Kid Rock was FABULOUS! He does an amazing job in concert. I haven’t ever seen him perform before, but he rocked. I’m glad he played some of the old school songs and not just the new stuff. I used to live for “Cowboy” and “Bawidabaw” back in high school!

If you’re not from Houston, you might not completely get the esense of the rodeo, but its just an experience. We had sausage on a stick, had  few beers, saw some friends and watched the rodeo events go down. I only wish I could have been in town for more of it, but at least I made it for one night!

So the second full day in Houston was terrific. I started off wedding dress shopping with my girlfriend Nancy, who is marryong one of my best guy friends. She looked amazing in every single dress! I can’t post any pictures, because that would give away the suprise, but stay tuned for wedding photos in November! Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Lance Wilson!

Then I took a special visit to see my “nephew” Rayden. Rayden is the son of a close friend of mine, Matt, and his wife Lyndsay. Matt is in the US Navy, stationed at Little Creek, VA, and will be shipping out next week to Libya for 10 months. His son is only 7 months old and Lynds is doing a great job raising him on her own while he is gone. I love going to visit him, because hes just so previous. This boy will be breaking hearts in no time!

Later that night was girls night out! I have some fabulous girlfriends from high school, and we make it a point to get together whenever I am in town. We always meet at La Cabana, a Mexican food restaurant in Spring, and have margaritas! It is always so fun to catch up, dish the drama and just have a great time. (You might recognize one of them…thats Fit chick Birtt!)

On Wednesday, it was time for interviewing! I am looking for a cummer clerkship in Houston in the field of environmental law or oil and gas corporate law. I love the downtown Houston area and would love to work down there again. So everyone thinkg REALLY GOOD thoughts and hope that I get one of these jobs so I can come home for the summer!

I decided to spend that night hanging with the family. We are Medican food from Papasitos, one of the best restaurants around, and watched Survivor and Storage Wars. My family’s guilty pleasure is reality TV, and we love watching all our shows together. It was fun to hang out with them for a little bit, and to see our puppy! Sox is the funniest little dog ever, and wasn’t gung-ho about me forcing her to take pictures all night haha!

On Thursday, just a short time after ariving in Houston…it was time to leave again 😦 I headed to the Houston airport. I was so excited to be selected for the body scanner, because I raelly wanted to know what the hype was all about! It was about…nothing. So anti-climatic, I was totally bummed. You literally step in, let the thing spin aroudn you twice, and then step back out. Seriously America, we spent months and protests and energy actually complaining about that little thing?! What a bust.

Grabbed breakfast, made it to the gate, and of course…all hell broke loose. I am like kryptonite for air travel apparently, because nothing went right on the way home. After my original flight was delayed 4 times, it was finally cancelled, as was the next flight to Birmingham. Apparently there is a flight attendant shortage, and the one assigned to our flight decided she didn’t want to work. How lovely of her! The next flight was cancelled too, but I managed to grab a standby seat on a 1pm flight and get home to Birmingham finally!

After a quick trip to the grocery store and a shower, my best friend from Texas drove into Alabama for a visit. Birmi ngham, we have RED RAIDER INVASION! Melinda, my best friend, her boyfriend Sam and his brother Jack, are staying with me for the next three days and I am just exstatic to see them! We only get to visit about once a year, so this visit is really special. She is my first visitor in my new apartment! We started their visit off at Dave’s Pizza in Homewood, AL, which is a favorite of mine. Unforunately, everything closes early on Thursdays and we were too late to go to Yogurt Mountain 😦 good thing it is open tomorrow!

Ok…PHEW, thats it! What a whirlwind trip to Houston, but it was SO worth it. I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break, has anyone done anything fun? I’m returning to th real world life of a 1L with the appellate brief looming over my head, law week spproaching and my taxes that really need to be finished. But for now, I am going to enjoy sleeping in my own bed for a night and getting some sleep! Happy St. Patrick;s Day everyone, enjoy your green beer!


My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!