Few weeks of Food!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope y’all ha a fabulous day. Mine was terrific…went to Pure Barre class, ran a few miles, went to the pool, cooked dinner, had froyo with a girlfriend. Pretty typical Saturday!

Getting back in the kitchen is one reason I love weekends. Since it has been a few weeks from my last real post, I figured I’d give you an update of the things I have whipped up lately! Hope you’re hungry 😉

Little photo tour for ya:








So that’s what I’m up to! If you have any questions as to what any of it is, let me know! Enjoy 🙂


What an Egg-cellent day!

But really, today was fab. First of all, I wore my pants and they were long and didn’t show my ankles and looked just fabulous! I have never been happier to wear a pair of slacks in my life. It’s truly the simple pleasures in life that put me in a great mood for the whole day at work!

After a long and busy day at the office, I was in a great mood and had to get in a run. Tri approaching, yea yea yea. For the record, I dot actually love running. I enjoy it, but I don’t love it. But one thing that makes me LOVE going for a run, is taking my main man Sarge out with me!


Sargent York, or Sarge, (a frequent mention in here) is my friend Hunter’s Australian Ridgeback/Pitbull. And he is just precious! Hunter is nice enough to let me take Sarge running since I don’t have my own pup and I love running with Sarge. I won’t lie, he’s not trained and has a mine of his own, so he is always an adventure to take out. He likes to chase me back around posts when he goes the wrong way and I try to follow. But he is a great time and keeps me so happy while running.



After dropping Sarge off, I went home to make dinner. The only proper meal for an egg-cellent day is…egg salad! I love egg salad but have never made it. My favorite place in Houston to get egg salad is Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli on Post Oak Boulevard. I you haven’t been there, you should try it out!

Egg salad seemed like a good, cool meal for a hot summer day. It was easy to put together after work quickly, cheap(!), and packed full of protein! Healthy and easy…I like 🙂

Ao I gave it a shot, how hard could it be?

Boiled eggs? Check.


Chop the eggs, mix with a little mayo and spices? Check.


Serve with toasted French bread? Check.


See, wasn’t hard at all! And it was SO good! I even made enough to have some lunch at the office tomorrow 🙂 but of course, I can’t find Tupperwhere to put it on, so that is my task for the night during commercials in the Bachelorette! Hope everyone had a egg-cellent Monday to start their week off right!

It’s a Good Friday…to study.

Phew! I’m…tired. Studying is taking it out of me lately. I know it sounds dumb, like “oh, you’re tired from sitting in the library.” I’m serious, it exhausting! My brain is working overdrive. Which is why the end of the day, I haven’t been too motivated to blog and I haven’t had much interesting to share with y’all! Here’s what I do ALL day:


Today was Good Friday, which was a great Friday to spend studying! We only had one class, and after a quick run to Subway (had a sweet coupon for a free sandwich!), I camped out in the library for the duration. I was determined to have my interest in real popster vest. Ha…ha. Yea, law school joke that probably wasn’t that funny. I won’t even bother to explain it, lord knows it took me all semester to get it.

After about 6 hours, I had a grasp on it. Of sorts. And I busted out of the library. I was in the mood to have some time off, for a good meal and to watch Friday Night Lights. So I hit up Publix, grabbed some groceries and headed home!

Dinner menu was spinach tortellini mushroom Alfredo with steamed shrimp and baked croissant. Way easy…Bertolli packaged pasta, quarter cup of Bertolli Alfredo sauce, quarter cup of cream of mushroom soup and some pesto. Season your fresh shrimp with lemon pepper and black pepper, butterfly it, and microwave it in a Ziploc zip ‘n steam bag for 1.5 minutes. Add it all together and instant dinner in like, 15 minutes.


I ended up taking a little bit longer off studying than planned, because after Friday Night Lights, my one hour of Texas that I get per week, was a new episode of Say Yes to the Dress! I may have not studied too much tonight, but I did get a nice dose of sanity. Sometimes, sleep and time off does me just as well as 5 more hours of studying!

Tomorrow is back to the books, but I’m thinking I might be doing property at the pool! Gotta keep my tan up, I can’t take finals pale now can I?

Pork…the other OTHER white meat.

Happy Sunday funday! Usually I don’t get Sunday fundays, but I kind of made way for one today. I slept in a little bit, ate some breakfast and went to Old Navy and picked up a few things. I’m so excited, they had the same sandals that I bought last year and absolutely loved again but wore into the ground. I bought 2 pairs this time along with some cute navy shorts.

Remember how I said yesterday how I couldn’t decide whether to hole away in the library, or hit the pool and study? Guess which I picked?


You got it, the pool. I call it “extreme studying.” It was just too beautiful of a day to be stuck inside. Also, my spray tan from Barrister’s Ball is fading and I needed some color, so why not kill 2 birds with one stone? Well I spent the next 5 hours at the pool with a ton of other Cumberland students reading Contracts, discussing Civ Pro, doing some harmless gossip and bronzing the bod. Come 5pm, I had learned about substantial performance and one three steps past bronze. No more pale legs for me! Although, I definitely should have rolled over and tanned the backside more, as I have a lovely stripe going down the side! Along with tanning unevenly, I also got about 20 minutes of treading deep water in for some exercise.

I headed home to cook some dinner. Sundays are big dinner nights for me and I like to cook a big meal, especially when friends are coming over! So the menu was seasoned pork tenderloin, creamed mashed potatoes, lemon pepper corn and asparagus tips with sea salt.


First up was the pork, which is totally easy. Get a regular pork tenderloin. I bought mine at Publix and it wasn’t very expensive for such a nice cut of meat. Place it on a large piece of foil then coat with a dry rub of salt, pepper, lemon pepper and chipolte spice. Then cover it with half a can of rotel tomato sauce, you can use mild or spicy. (I use spicy to compliment the thick layer of chipolte spice I rubbed on.) Wrap the pork up, cook for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and slice. Thanks mom for teaching me the recipe, you rock!


*The recipe works for beef tenderloin as well, but use more of the dry rub and less of the liquid tomatoes due to the moisture content of the meat. Pork has to be fully cooked and needs the moisture from the tomatoes as opposed to beef, which can be cooked less and maintains it’s own moisture.

Next was the creamed mashed potatoes and veggies Everyone knows how to make Yukon gold mashed potatoes, it’s fool proof. I don’t really like the super buttery taste, but want some flavor so I add a big scoop of sour cream, a scoop of regular Greek yogurt, sea salt and pepper. Gives it a nice flavor without going Paula Deen style and loading up on the butter. The corn and asparagus (actually left over from the other night) are self explanatory. Dinner turned out great and we had lots of fun. I also managed to dole out 2 more meals into Tupperware to eat later this week!

After cooking, it was time to get back to studying :/ I made about 50 more Civ Pro notecards. I am the queen of the notecards over here, and will not disappoint this semester. By the time I’m done, I’ll have around 300. These babies are golden too so I’m keeping them. By the time the bar exam comes around (in 2013, cringe!) I’ll have my study materials already completed and be good to go! So scary to think I’m already studying for an exam that is over 2 years away.


Now that I have finished some substantial studying, I’m packing for tomorrow. I have practice tomorrow night and would like go straight there from the library, so I’m taking my coaching clothes to school. That way, I can make up for any study time I will miss because of practice. Practice tomorrow will be HARD because I want the girls to be ready for the 17s division at Alabama Jrs this coming weekend.

Well, I feel great now (and look great thanks to my new tan!). I hope everyone had a great Sunday funday of your own and did something fabulous!

Lunchin’ in the Law Lib

So, its finals time again. It seems like only yesterday I was taking last semesters finals and living in the library! But apparently that was a whole 4 months ago, and its about that time again! Starting Monday, I went back to living in the library. But this time around, I am going to do things a little differently. I didn’t plan very well last semester, and did NOT eat well during finals time. By the end, I felt really sluggish and just plain gross from eating Manchu Wok Chinese Food (best in Birmingham, wihtout a doubt!), Firehouse Subs, largesize bags of Gardettos and amounts of Diet Coke.Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper/Monster that just couldn’t have been healthy. I definately gained 5 lbs and didn’t do any exersize, so that all has to change. I won’t be ready for bikini season by any means if I sit around like a bump on a study log for the next month and a half.

During finals, I usually eat lunch in the library. And breakfast and dinner for that matter. I knew that if I started off the study eating well, then it could be eaasier to keep up and get me in a routine of packing my lunch and a snack, then heading out of the library early to make myself some dinner at home and get a little break.

Monday was the plan. Then I didnt go to the grocery store until Tuesday afternoon. So Wednesday became the new plan! With 3 classes, a seminar, oral arguments and volleyball practice, I was on the run all day. Here was what I came up with for the day. I started with breakfast, which was Fit Chick Britt’s overnight oats in a jar. Her’s always look so delicious, and I really wanted to try them. She uses this delicious looking peanut butter, but I am allergic (major bummer!)  so I tried it with Nutella. They turned out pretty good, but I seriously envy her white chocolate peanut butter recipe from a few weeks back, you should really check it out…it sounds good enough to endure a few hives!

I made lunch for 2 days, since cooking for 1 is kind of hard. therefore, I ate basically the same thing 2 days in a row. I’m not that creative, tt was good, I was content. I like stuff that I dont actually have to LEAVE the library to eat. Gets in more studying time for property..oh joy.

I did make some dinner though (and I will be eating it again tonight haha!) I made pretty standard tacos, which I haven’t made in a while. I used what I had though, which was ground sirloin, shredded notzarella cheese, crumbled feta cheese and spinach. It was definately different from the normal taco, but I had a whole bag of baby spinach and a container of feta that I don’t want to go bad before I eat it all! I have such a bad habit of eating like, a quarter of something and finding it in the back of the fridge a month later, when I finally get to cleaning out th fridge because something smells rancid in it. that happened last week..the milk I found wasn’t pretty.

So far the library eating plan is going well…that it, until I run out of food ideas. Feel free to give me some suggestions on things that would be easy to eat in here!

Tonight (after eating my left over taco) if a practice night! I honestly HATE Friday night practices. Not because I want to be out partying of anything, I hate it because the girls want to be out…well, theyre too young to party, but doing something else! They’re always so distracted and usually te3st my patience when we are there until almost 10pm on a Friday. BUT I am excited because my middle blocker, remember back to the “And then there were 7…post?) is BACK! She was cleared by her doctor  to come back to practice and I am going to start her very slowly. I reanny just want her to get comfortable moving on it with some jogging and shuffling patterns. then I want to have her do some basic passing, just to get her bearings back. I think I am going to hold off on having her doing anything involving jumping for today, and let her have a few more days to heal before we try anything with ipact. She has a bone bruise that they are still treating and I don’t want to aggravate that. On other injury news, my defensive specialist seems to have healed from her thumb sprain well, and my outside hitter is having knee problems again. She might need surgery after the season to remove some cartiledge, but she will be able to play out the remaining two tournaments.

Next weekend is the Alabama Juniors tournament. We were in 16 Power division, but aparently it didn’t have enoiugh teams to stand. So we got moved to the 17 Club division. I am excited for the increased competition, but still confident that the girls will do very well and finish high.

So here’s the master plan for tonight…high intensity practice, fast moving drills and lots of skills. We need to work on some serving again, and also on some defense.

Drill of the Day: Dig/Set. This drill is for defense resulting in having to make an attack while out of system. One coach hits at three backrow players. If the left or middle back take the pass, the right back will set to the outside. If the right back takes the pass, the left back will then set to the outside. It is important for the back row to recognize when they are out of system, and get the ball where a hitter can make an attack, as opposed to just throwin up a free ball. The htiters must focus on staying behind the set and making an effective and smart attack on the ball. It goes for 10 his, then switch up players.

Hopefully the girls will all be working hard and we can have an effective Friday night practice. We only have one practice next week before Alabama Juniors, and I want to make sure they get as many touches as possible. After practice is over, I am free for the weekend! To study…all weekend. Gosh I love finals time! but still, no classes tomorrow so TGIF baby!

Have groceries, will cook!

So great news! I finally went grocery shopping. It was about 2 weeks overdue, but I finally had an afternoon off. I stayed in the library for a few hours studying Property (ph joy…) and then busted out of there. It will probably be one of my last times to take an afternoon off, as finals are looming over my head and its time to really start the intense studying! But I knew it was necessary to gr4ocery shop, since I spend the month of December studying and eating Firehouse subs and  Chinese food, and felt absolutely terrible one I was done. Good grades, bad body…not a great trade off.

 I really miss HEB, Krogers and Randalls back in Texas, but Publix is a good little grocery store here in Birmingham. After 2 weeks without groceries, needless to say, it was a long trip. But I think I got everything! I can’t wait that long again, I spend a fortune getting everything.

I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately, with Big South offering only $7 hot dogs for lunch and law week providing lunch at school every day. I usually bring my lunch, but really fell off the wagon in the last 2 weeks, sometimes for just sheer laziness. So I swore to myself that I would make my lunch this week. Today I made Turkey Chipolte Roll-ups.  Super easy and it look like, 10 minutes while watching Law & Order. Just get your ingredients: large whole wheat tortillas, cream cheese, laughing cow cheese wedgers in garlic herb, baby spinach, sliced cheese (motzrella or white american), sundried tomatoes and chipolte spice. 

Mix the cream cheese, laughing cow garlic herb cheese and chiplte spice (add apraingly if you dont like spicy! I’m on a real chipolte kick because I like spicy in like, everything) all together and spread on the tortilla…this keeps the roll-up together when it chills. I’d love to tell you that was my knowledge, but in fact, my mother told me that while I was starting and probably saved the day.  Then stack away! I did my layers as baby spinach, cheese, double turkey, tomatoes, and baby spinach again. Then you roll them up, cover in a damp paper towel, wrap in foil and sttick in the firdge to chill. A few hours later, take them out, slice them and they are ready to eat! I was impressed, they turned out pretty good and I’m excited for lunch.

But lunch is about all I’m excited for today. This week is so jam packed with events.. Last night I had a meet-and-greet at a law firm here in Birmingham, followed by a birthday party for a friend. Today, I have 3 classes, a “Called to the Bar” seminar, oral arguments for LLR and volleyball practice. (Stay tunes for a second post about volleyball practice, as this one is getting really long!) Additionally, the paperwork needs to be filed for my job with the US Attorney’s office and thats going to take a while.  It’s also nearing finals time and I have started living in the library. It’ll all be over soon and I will be 1/3 of the way though law school…whohoo.  Ok, off to Contracts class…should be pretty exciting because someone wasn’t prepared last class and now has to sing a song about the casehe wasn’t prepared for! Check back later for the Drills of the Day and some plans for practrice ot finish out the cub volleyball season strong!

Keeping things interesting with the Gruesome Twosome

So I’ve spent the last hour on the phone with my mother, while texting my brother. Now don’t get me wrong, Phil and I are good kids, but we have given our poor mother a run for her money. We definitely put her through more trauma than most parents have to endure. We are absolutely entertaining though. God bless them, because I’m sure were not done yet. Brain tumors, concussions, cysts, braces, broken bones, black eyes…you name it, we got it. It’s always something for them, and they’re hanging in there well! But seriously, were good kids, I swear 😉 Seriously, what can you expect with two 6 foot blonde twins like this?


Well, unfortunately, the riveting conversation was about the highlight of my day. I started by actually making coffee! I haven’t don’t that in a while, because I am seriously addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and have one in the morning. BUT courtesy of Lexis Nexis, I got a new coffee cup and wanted to use it. Check this out:


Ok so that may not mean anything to you, but it's really funny to law students nationwide! That is the case of the guy who sued McDonalds for being burned by hot coffee. See…NOW it's funny. Coffee cup with the case on it about coffee! Ok, maybe still only to law students.

Today at school was uneventful for a Monday. It's not law week anymore, so things are significantly less exciting. Went to class, went to scheduling seminar, went to another class, talked to a professor, studied, went home. Riveting, I know.

I did cook dinner though. No, I didn't grocery shop, I know, I know. I will get to that sometime this week, I'm sure. I made mushroom cous-cous and chicken. Cous-cous is group up chick-peas and SO awesome. It also takes 7 minutes exactly to make, which is right up my alley. Looks good huh? Tastes good too.


Now I’ve retired to the chaise lounge to watch Cake Boss while reading Civ Pro, and later will tackle the two. Today, I bought a huge bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a box of 100 band-aids and a giant tube of antibacterial ointment. Mark my words, I’m NOT getting an infection (or the “nana funk” as I fondly refer to it as) and it’ll be cleared up in no time. As for my pedicure, it might not be able to be saved. I’ll spare you the gory details (and photos!)

“Manic” Monday is over, but I’m ready for the week to pick up! I have volleyball practice, baseball opening days, a road trip and a huge volleyball tournament coming up to look forward to!

Wasting the day away

Unfortunately, I wasn’t wasting the day away in Margaritaville. Rather, I spent almost all day in bed, I can’t even lie. My appellate brief was done, my reading was current, my apartment was dirty (oh well) and I was exhausted! Law week, culminating with Barrister’s Ball last night took it out of me, and I needed the day to relax. We had such a good time!


Do I feel guilty about lounging all day? Nah, not at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just sleep all day. My dad called early for a recap of the night, of course. If you don’t know my dad, he’s awake at like 5am every day and tends to forget that the rest of the world isn’t, but he’s just excited to hear all about life! I also
got up occasionally for food and hydraulics, and to do a few simple things. Like, the bottom of my dress really needed to be soaked (thanks to my mother for reminding me of this, so it’s not ruined. Granted, her solution was to cut the bottom of the dress off and make it cocktail, which I kindly reminded her that cutting it short would make it the absolute sluttiest dress ever. She didnt seem to see a problem with that though…) So the dress got soaked. Hopefully it gets all the funk out.


Speaking of funk, I’m kind of worried that I got some sort of funk infecting my toe from when I got stepped on. I haven’t taken the band-aid off yet, but it freaking hurts. I did shoot some neosporin down in there though to combat whatever nastiness was on the floor of Nana Funks.

I also tackled taking out my hair up-do. This thing survived a night of drinking and dancing, 8 hour of sleep, two naps and still looked good. I am impressed. A hurricane couldn’t have knocked this thing out…and it definitely took me almost a half hour to get it out.

Around 6pm I decided to actually leave the bedroom and cook some dinner. I wanted something besides like, cereal and oatmeal which I’ve eaten week. I haven’t been grocery shopping in about a month though, so I worked with that I had. I ended up with beef brisket, macaroni and cheese and green beans.


All I had to do was heat up the brisket (thanks Mom), so that was easy. For the mac and cheese, I use my own concoction. I had kraft noodles in the box (emergency stash!) but I hate the powder cheese. So I used some velveeta in there. I needed butter or milk to thin it out, but I didn’t have either of those So olive oil and water had to do it! It turned out pretty good in spite of all the alterations. I had some mini cans of French cut green beans, so a cup of those with some lemon pepper. I made extra so I have a lunch for tomorrow…since we all know I don’t have any lunch meat or bread or a sandwich haha! I swear, I’m going grocery shopping this week.

Now I’m back in my bed, but this time with my contracts book trying to be a little productive! I’ve got some emails to answer for volleyball, as Big South is this weekend and there’s so much prep that goes into a national qualifier tournament. Big South is a special tournament for me as a coach, since it’s actually a tournament that I played in myself as a player. It’s like, coming full circle.

I love easy days like this, hope you had a fabulous Sunday!


My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!