Quick Quiche!

Hi everyone 🙂 sorry again for the sporadic posting! Here’s a Monday Funday recipe for you tonight…a quick quiche! I love quiche, and I hope you like this recipe…

Start with your ingredients…three eggs, broccoli, milk, Pillsbury pre-made pie crust and shredded cheese.

For a low cholesterol substitute, use one egg and 1/3 cup of egg whites.

Roll out the pie crust and put it in your 8″ or 9″ greased pie dish. Push it down to fit the plate. You can use a fork to make classic pie grooves on the edges for decoration!


Chop up your broccoli into small pieces. The smaller the better, because it will mix in and bake better.


Mix you eggs and milk together, and beat thoroughly. Then add your broccoli and cheese, and mix in well.

Some people like a little bit of a crunch in their quiche, so you can add an onion topping or some bread crumbs.

Pour the mixture into the pie plate evenly. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 16 minutes, rotating it a quarter turn every 4 minutes to make sure it bakes evenly.


Let it cool for a few minutes and you have yourself a delicious quiche!


You can add other things to it, like ham, spinach, tomatoes, etc…customize however you like it! Happy eating 🙂



Few weeks of Food!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope y’all ha a fabulous day. Mine was terrific…went to Pure Barre class, ran a few miles, went to the pool, cooked dinner, had froyo with a girlfriend. Pretty typical Saturday!

Getting back in the kitchen is one reason I love weekends. Since it has been a few weeks from my last real post, I figured I’d give you an update of the things I have whipped up lately! Hope you’re hungry 😉

Little photo tour for ya:








So that’s what I’m up to! If you have any questions as to what any of it is, let me know! Enjoy 🙂

Sunday Fun-day by myself day!

Sunday fun-day can have a lot of different meanings. But personally, I have never been one to rock out on a Sunday (unless there’s a Houston Texans game of course!) This Sunday was actually my first, and only, day of spring break that I had to myself! So my Sunday fun-day went as such…

I slept in. Only until like 9:30, but there was no alarm, no plan and no one woke me up. How fabulous.

I ran. Its gorgeous outside in Birmingham on the first official day of spring. I also am trying to amp up the running for my future tri, and for the formal dress I have to fit in this weekend.

I made breakfast. Pancakes sounded so good, henceforth, I made them. Even used the sweet new pan Mom bought me.


I watched Harry Potter. Yes, again. There’s this 4 day marathon on ABC family and I just can’t say no. I have a minor crush on Draco Malfoy and chose to indulge in the other half of the series! (But don’t oh worry, I didn’t miss the Amazing Race! It was during a movie I had already seen fortunately, phew!)

I wrote and edited my Appellate Brief. Ok that wasn’t part of the fun day plan, but let’s be real, this is law school.

I went to a meeting. Also not in the plan, but its law week, and we had to plan Freshman Follies. Section 3 will rock, get ready! Plan of a life time.

I cruised in Bumble. For anyone that doesn’t know, Bumble is my 2010 Camaro who I personify into way more than a car. I love him, bottom line. He’s been parked all week, so it was time to take him for a spin! So we cruised on over to Starbucks and got a passion fruit iced tea sweetened with raspberry. Fab choice.


I baked. Any good day for me involves baking usually. I had a weird hankering for blueberry muffins, so I made sure I had everything and started making them. I already had the dry ingredients mixed, when I noticed that of the two entire gallons of milk I had in the fridge…both were expired. Someone told me once, probably my all-knowing mother, that water can be a substitute for milk in most things, so water it was! They actually turned out very good! Dot laugh at my ghetto pans, they’re next on the kist of homegoods that I need to purchase!


I ate dinner. Notice I didn’t say made dinner. I just warmed up brisket that mom sent back with me from home and ate that, and was perfectly content.

And what I didn’t do…see many people, clean anything (although I do love to Clorox), go to the library, check the mail or anything else I didn’t want to do. And life was good today. (I also didn’t go to Jason Aldean at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but that was really out of my hands!)

So now I’m just sitting on the chaise lounge, country music playing on my stereo dock and enjoying it. Real life starts again tomorrow…kind of. It’s law week, so it’s like quasi real life and I’ll take it! A long week of law school sanctioned shenanigans ahead sounds grand to me!

Cocktail Cupcakes

Love Fridays because theyre so chill. I love Fridays even more when I dont have a ton of homework lingering over my head. I do have this Apellate Brief due in 4 weeks, but we haven’t been given everything necessary to write it yet, therefoer I felt no shame in not doing it at that moment. So, we took a little detour between classes to one of Birmingham’s finest and most famous places, Dreamcakes!

One nice thing about living in a new town is that there are tons of places to exploire. Granted, it will take a lot for something to replace Crave Cupcakes in Houston for me, but Dreamcakes definately was delicious. These people are just living my dream while I am chilling in the library reading. I had a “Just Because” red velvet cupcake with cream cheese cuttercream icing, because I am a sucker for all things red velvet. My friend has an “Over the Moon,” and I am clueless as to what is in it, but it was good and they looked adorable!

Fortuantely, I have an excuse to bake today for a friend’s birthday and I will be making a new recipe I dreamed up. Hopefully it tastes good, because I don’t have time to remake anything! They are a chocolate spiced rum cupcake with a chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings on top. They are for a guy so I dont want to get too foo-foo with it. Here’s how they turned out!

I’ll let you know how everyone likes them tonight! I’ve been watching too many episodes of cupcake wars and have decided that booze sounds very fun for any cupcakes. There are quite a few alcohols I want to try! And cupcake baking keeps me from reading more Evidence…not that I dont LOVE memorizing all the Federal Rules.

And back in the read world, after the birthday dinner I’ll be spending the rest of the night doing tournament prep for tomorrow. We have 6 matches tomorrow going from 9am-7pm, so it will be a very long day. My current dillema is such…we are playing at a local high school who doesn’t allow food tables inside the gym. And its apparently supposed to rain all day. It has been absolutely beautiful in Birmingham ALL week, and now it decides it is time for rain. So I am on the hunt for pop-up tents and canopies to put the food tables under and keep things dry for the girls! Planning and coordinating can sometimes get complicated, but it always comes together and we make the best of it!

Play Prep: As a coach, I like to make sure I am packed the night before and ready for everything, so I can wake up and focus on playing. Lord knows I’m not always a morning person and forget stuff! I check my bags and ensure the stats sheets, line-up sheets, pens, pencils, whistle, contact numbers and everything I need is there. I like to keep some athletic tape, prewrap, scissors, hair rubberbands and some Bobby pins on hand just in case there’s an emergency on the bench. I also always keep a secret stash of Diet Dr. Pepper in the briefcase as a pick-me-up!

I’ll keep you posted how it goes tomorrow, I have a good feeling!


My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!