Friday Faves!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 I adore Fridays. They’re a kick off to the weekend, everyone is in a good mood, can’t beat that.

In the true spirit of consonance and Friday…ere are my current five Friday faves for you:

1. Nude Heels-I am a little bit behind the times on loving these, because people have been wearing them for a while. But one of the reasons people wear them it to make their legs look longer. I am 6’1″…my legs do not ned to look any longer. But they do match everything, and I will gladly show off the stems, even if they are a foot longer than every one else’s. It actually saves you from buying a lot of other shoes too, because they match just about everything! (But that shouldn’t be a reason not to own more than one pair haha!)

2. The Help by Katheryn Stockett– This amazing book has taken America by storm, and is not moving to the big screen. I read the book when I came home on the recommendation from my mother and it was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t have any issue getting into it, but I could see how some people could. If you start reading it, hang in there; it is written in Southern phonetics, just how a true Southerner from MS would speak, and that can be difficult until you get the hang of it. The story is so historically based and has such truth to how the world was back then. I had the privilege of seeing an advance screening of the movie, which comes out August 10th in theatres nationwide, and it was phenomenal. The actors did an amazing job portraying the story. There are happy parts, and truly sad parts, but it shows humanity from multiple points of view, and shows how the world co-existed at that time, good and bad. I truly recommend reading the book before seeing the movie, because they did have to cut some things from the book in order to not have the movie be too long, but both were terrific.

2. Monster Energy Absolutely Zero-I just switched to drinking this from the regular Monster Low-Carb, which is the one in the blue/black can. I love energy drinks, not only for their effects but because I actually think they taste good! The problem with energy drinks is that there is usually so much sugar and carbs, that it throws my entire day for a loop and require me to run like 5 extra miles to burn it off. But this one has zero calories, carbs and sugars while still tasting good. The low-carb one is excellent too, but for 10 less calories I am a lover of this new drink! (I say new with a grain of salt…it might very well have been out for a long time and me, under my law school rock, might have not know about it!)

3. Nexxus Comb Through Hair Spray– there is that phrase of “long hair, don’t care,” or “big hair, don’t care” but I those people never lived in Texas. I change that phrase to “Texas hair, don’t care” because living in Texas makes hear a new challenge. Some of us who have curly hair (I’m sure you don’t believe me on that because it is ALWAYS straight, but its true, the straight is self imposed daily because if not I have an afro) have to care and combat the humidity. People hate hairspray because it is sticky and hardens and makes your hair all flat, but this stuff is the best. I seriously use a bottle of this, or the Ion Comb-Thru Hairspray every week because it is so great. It makes your hair soft, keeps fly aways and frizzes down yet still holds it in place and prevents it from curling or ruining the style. I AM OBSESSED. In fact, I need a new can…best $15 I spend.

4. Big Brother on CBS– By far one of my favorite parts of the summer. It is straight mindless junk on TV, but I get SO sucked in and just can’t stop! I absolutely love it. It comes on 3 nights a week, which is absolutely a lot, but I have to watch it and stay up. I follow it on Twitter, I check the website…it’s an obsession! I think I would be really good at it too…maybe I will try out for reality TV one day 😉

That’s it, enjoy! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!


“A woman should always be Classy AND Fabulous”

So lately, as you can probably tell, I have been WAY lax in posting anything on the blog. Reasoning for this is, my life isnt all together too exciting. It is summer, so I don’t have law school to complain about, volleyball is out of club season, I work a lot at the new job (which I absolutely love) and I have  really been trying to be out and about enjoying Houston when I am out of the office! So rather than bore you with the detail of my wonderful summer, I just have taken a short sabbatical from the blogging world. But I’m back, and once again have something to say.
Working in the corporate world teaches you a lot. And so does reality TV. So after a few weeks of wandering around downtown Hoston seeing all the business women, and a Saturday marathon of “Tim Gun’s Guide to Style,” I got to thinking. Tim Gun had a fabulous spin on what every woman should have in their closet, and you can find his article online. But the business world is a little bit different than the fashion world…supposedly. Women work in a man;s world of black suits and button ups, that give an androgenous feel to the body and the woman as a whole. But why? Why do women feel the urge to fall into the trap of sensible shoes, boxy Oxford shirts and no-wrinkle khacki pants? My friend, I do not. Why dress like the men, when you can dress like yourself, and still look profesional fab? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, there is a line between being a stand out and just plain standing out, but I think you can be as fabulous in the business world as you are in real life. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Be classy and fabulous.”
So along those lines, here are MY Top 10 items every business WOMAN needs in her closet. I had some help with all these, considering my mother has atempted to pound fashion sense in my head for years now. Maybe some of it is sinking in haha.  
1. Black classic stilleto pointed pumps-Not stripper heels, but classy black patent or leather heels that are 4 inches or shorter.
2. White Fitted Oxford Shirt-I am obsessed with Brooks Brothers Oxford shirts, because they are cut for women and they don’t wrinkle ever! You dont want some big old shirt shoved into a skirt or pants, you want something that is professional and crisp, yet compliments your figure.the KEY to a good Oxford button up shirt, is that it does not pull over the chest area. If it does, but a size bigger and find a good tailor to put in some side darts! While you’re there, pick up a pink and a blue too for some color fun!
3. Pearl Earrings and Necklace-Absolutely no explanation needed,.Every woman should own a set of pearls.
4. Fitted Black Pants– The perfect pant as I call them. I have 4 pairs of the same exact black pants because I love them so much! Make sure they are long enough when wearing heels, lay comfortable on the waist and are always nicely pressed. You can pair them with just about any top or blazer.
5. White and Black Cardigans-Goes over any shirt, dress and can be actually worn or drapped. Makes any top go instantly to professional and covered. Grab some colored ones to spice up white shirts!
6. Day to Night Dress-The perfect dress that can go from professional during the day (possible with a sweater or blazer overit) to appropriate for both a work dinner or cocktail hour with friends. Shoes can always be changed and jewelry added,but a sleek day to night dress is always appropriate.
7. Plain Black Purse-Apparently the corporate backpack trand is coming back, but I beg to differ. No woman in a skirt suit looks good with her Jansport swung over her shoulder. But at the same time, the workplace might not be the place for your White signature LV Speedy.It can be designer and fabulous (mine happens to be python skin) but black, non-descript and mathes everything none the less.
8. Classic Black Pencil Skirt-Tight enough to draw the eye, not tight enough to look tashy. If you’ve got it flaunt it though, an work it girl.
9. A Fabulous Blazer-Well fitted, a fun color anhd flattering to the body that can be paired with simple black pants and shoes to make a funs tateament. White is a personal favorite of mine…
10.  The perfect undershirt. It seems like everything can be too low cut, or see through or just needs an udnershit. The perfect white undershirt shouldnt even be noticed, just serve its prupose. My fav is from White House Black Market, has a built in bra top and is made of a fabulous fabric. Looks great under cardigans, blazers, everything!
So that is my little bit of insight into what women should wear in the workplace.  Anything you would ass to the list? Let’s me real, its only a man’s world if you let i be!

Can’t be free from these Friday Faves!

So when I woke up this morning, I was going to channel the montra of my girlfriend Fit Chick Britt and pull a make-up free Friday so that I could respond to her last week’s post asking for pictures. So I did my hair, got dressed, put on my usual pearl earrings, and kind of looked around feeling bizarre. I had an extra 10 minutes, felt clean and refreshed…oh, and looked rough.  So I broke down and said I would only put on bronzer. And then decided I looked like I had spent too long in the sun, and needed some eyeliner. 10 minutes later I had a full face of make-up on and had thrown any fresh and clean aspirations out my apartment window. But I was thinking on my way to work…what are things that I could be free of? Hairspray free Friday? Not a chance, I would look like a furball. Underwear free Friday? That’s just not kosher. Deodorant free Friday? Matthew McCoughnahay is the only person that can actually pull that off. Caffeine free Friday? That came to mine as I was already sipping on my diet Dr. Pepper for the morning.  iPhone free Friday?  You’re out of your mind. Contact free Friday? I usually save that for days that I wouldn’t be driving or looking at things aimlessly in the office thereby being a danger to myself and others.   In the end, I didn’t come up with anything sadly enough. Maybe next week I can give it another shot.

Well, along the lines of things I just can’t have a day free of, here’s another addition of Five Friday Faves. These five things are things I just couldn’t go a day without!

BioSilk Silk Therapy Hair Drops-This is a must literally every day, since I wash my hair every day. We can skip the lectures about how bad that is for your hair and scalp (I get them from my mother all the time) and just let that go since my hair gets gnarly easily. And blonde hair that is dirty, look just vile. But since I do wash it every day, I have to use something to put the shine in it, and protect it from the daily heat treatments. A year or so ago, a girlfriend was at my house and I borrowed some of hers, and BioSilk has now completely changed my hair. I always had really fried and brittle looking hair, but not its soft and silky and in good condition. It is a little expensive, but a bottle lasts a long time and it is completely worth it! Good hair products are key…we’ll save my hair spray obsession for another post, as it deserves one to itself.

Chobani Greek Yougurt-Can’t go without breakfast! I have to eat every day, and use to eat a wide array of breakfast, just depending on what I had at the house. Then I tried Chobani, realized it tasted good, was full of protein and actually kept me full until lunch. So now, the only change I have in my daily breakfasts, are what flavor I am going to eat. My favs are blueberry and raspberry, but mango and lemon are a fun fruity twist. I keep a ton on hand so that I never run out in the morning!

Pandora Radio iPhone App-There is nothing better than waking up to Jason Aldean singing something wonderfully country in the morning. Well, maybe waking up to Jason Aldean, but let’s be realistic here. Pandora radio on the iPhone is my staple for the morning. It gives me all the country music mix I could want, without having to download a bunch of music and make giant playlists. After an hour of getting ready (its not THAT long, come on guys…) I have heard some great country music and am in a great mood to get up and go! Usually there is some hairbrush microphone singing and dancing involved too 😉 this app right here is just one of the reasons I can’t gave an iPhone free Friday..where would I get my tunes from?!

Super B Vitamin Complex-I love B12. And B6. I started taking it after surgery because it is a neuro-stimulator, but it actually has so many health benefits for the body that I never stopped! It helps with energy, metabolism, focus, brain function, concentration…everything! I switched recently to taking an overall B Complex pill instead of just a B-12, because it contains Vitamin C, D, Biotin and Folic Acid as well for added benefits. I got my bottle at either GNC or Vitamin world they are small pills with no weird flavoring. I don’t depend on the pill for my necessary vitamin intake and always try to eat foods that contain proper amounts of vitamins, but a supplement never hurts to fill in the gaps. A vitamin a day keeps the doctor away…hopefully!

 Rosebud Company Salve-my lifesaver all day! This wonderful stuff works on lips, cuticles, elbows, legs…anywhere! It is light, moisturizing, lasts forever and smells so great. You can get it for like $8 at Sephora in the little kiosk by the counter. I have a few of them laying around, and have tried multiple flavors. Classic Rosebud is my favorite, but the Strawberry is also so great. It is the last thing I do before going to bed every night!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my 5 daily must haves! What is something YOU can’t live without daily?

On another riday not…tToday is my last day at CWCD and I really have enjoyed my clerkship here. It was a great firm to work for, I learned so much and I value the time I spend here this summer with terrific people! When I get off work, I am off to the lake for the weekend to enjoy the holiday! This will be my first vacation all summer and I just cannot wait!!!!! Then I have one more week until I head home to HOUSTON, TEXAS for the duration of the summer! Have a very happy Friday everyone!

Five Fab Friday Faves!

Hi everyone!

It has literally been forever since I have posted! I even came up with some good posts and then never ended up putting them up! Shame on me! But here I am, and I am back! I promise I will be more regular from now on…quick life update: made good grades, love my job, moving back to Texas in 3 weeks for another job, having an overall great summer.

So here we are for 5 Fab Friday Faves! (Not my original idea, but everyone else does it and it’s SO cute!) These are my current obsessions!

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer-I am sure you have seen the commercials for this, and they’re kind of catchy. It is like a dropper bottle of flavor to put in water! I am trying to drink more water lately, and this helps change things up some. I bought the mango-peach, peach tee and strawberry-watermelon. They cost like $3 at any grocery store, have a locking cap and are easily transportable in your purse! Follow them on Facebook and you can print off a coupon!

Pure Barre Technique classes-This is a ballet/pilates/grand jete workout class I have been doing. It is SO hard and really works every muscle in the body! The first few classes I just felt like I was going to collapse, but the more I did it and stronger I got, the easier it was. Every class is still challenging, but you can see muscle definition results quickly and you feel great! Check one out in your area if they have it! They are running a new member special, where you can get a whole month unlimited for $100, and compared to the $23/class price, thats an awesome deal!

Wet & Wild Mega Glo bronzing powder-I love bronzer. And I spend a ton of money on it. But I hate putting on expensive makeup to go to the pool and float the river, so I dipped into CVS to pick up a cheap bronzer, and now I love it! It covers so well, doesn’t look too shiny and stays on all day. For $3.50, it was a total steal and might be incorporated into my every day make-up routine soon!

Tilapia and nectarines-My current food loves! It is totally random too. There is this restaurant in Homewood, Al called Pinches and they make this delicious fish sandwich, so I figured I could make it myself! Breaded some fresh tilapia fillets, pan seared in some canola oil, put on a piece of toasted bread and viola…there it is! I also am on a nectarine kick, which I bought because they looked SO pretty at Publix.

Lilly Pulitzer accessories-I always love Lilly but I am OBSESSED with my new phone case! I don’t love prints on my phone, because sometimes I fear it looks unprofessional, but once I put my new case on I didn’t even care! And sure enough, everyone thinks it’s totally cute. It has personality and I just love it! Thanks to the Pink Door in Memphis, TX for that one!

So there you have it everyone, my Friday Favorites for this week! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I’ll definitely be back tomorrow!


My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!