It’s in the bag!

Purse, or suitcase? That is a question I ask myself almost every morning. A purse is a woman’s saving grace, it can carry anything and everything that she does or does not need. And we carry a purse every day, chock full of little things here or there.  I feel like through the years my purses are getting bigger and bigger too! 

 When I got up this morning and was changing things into a new purse, I got to thinking…”what IS all this stuff?” Fortunately, changing purses is pretty easy for me, because I have this wonderful purse sleeve thing (fron the Container Store) that everything goes in, and you just sit it down in the purse. When you have a minor purse obsession, you tend to have one to match every outfit, and changing happens a lot!  But even that little thing  is stuffed! My problem is, I really NEED everything in my purse…right? Having tons of random stuff in your purse comes in very handy at the bar when they do scavenger hunts (my team usually wins thanks to the mother load in the Michael Kors!) I always wonder about what people have in their purse, and think it is interesting what people thing they need everyday around that warrants prime real estate in their Louis Vuitton. So here is what I have today, and every day, in the big old bag of tricks! (That bag of tricks today, happens to be a Michael Kors black python skin bag with gold buckles, totally fabulous.)


Wristlet holding cards, coupons, etc

Make-up bag

Sunglasses in case

Glasses in case

Nail file


iPhone charger

iPhone screen cleaner

B12 pills

Nasal Spray


Chi hair straighter

Ion hair spray, full bottle

2 teasing combs

13 bobby pins



Contact solution in travel size

Contact case

Aveeno face lotion in travel size

Bath and Body Works body lotion in travel size

Face blotting sheets


32 inch pearl necklace

18 inch pearl necklace

Pearl bracelet

2 headbands

Clear attachable bra strap

4 pens

7 coozies

Can of Monster energy drink

Car keys

 So what do you think…too much? I can;’t lie, it all does come in handy! One of these days I might minimize, but for now, its all in the bag 😉

What’s in your purse you can’t live without?


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