Friday Faves!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 I adore Fridays. They’re a kick off to the weekend, everyone is in a good mood, can’t beat that.

In the true spirit of consonance and Friday…ere are my current five Friday faves for you:

1. Nude Heels-I am a little bit behind the times on loving these, because people have been wearing them for a while. But one of the reasons people wear them it to make their legs look longer. I am 6’1″…my legs do not ned to look any longer. But they do match everything, and I will gladly show off the stems, even if they are a foot longer than every one else’s. It actually saves you from buying a lot of other shoes too, because they match just about everything! (But that shouldn’t be a reason not to own more than one pair haha!)

2. The Help by Katheryn Stockett– This amazing book has taken America by storm, and is not moving to the big screen. I read the book when I came home on the recommendation from my mother and it was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t have any issue getting into it, but I could see how some people could. If you start reading it, hang in there; it is written in Southern phonetics, just how a true Southerner from MS would speak, and that can be difficult until you get the hang of it. The story is so historically based and has such truth to how the world was back then. I had the privilege of seeing an advance screening of the movie, which comes out August 10th in theatres nationwide, and it was phenomenal. The actors did an amazing job portraying the story. There are happy parts, and truly sad parts, but it shows humanity from multiple points of view, and shows how the world co-existed at that time, good and bad. I truly recommend reading the book before seeing the movie, because they did have to cut some things from the book in order to not have the movie be too long, but both were terrific.

2. Monster Energy Absolutely Zero-I just switched to drinking this from the regular Monster Low-Carb, which is the one in the blue/black can. I love energy drinks, not only for their effects but because I actually think they taste good! The problem with energy drinks is that there is usually so much sugar and carbs, that it throws my entire day for a loop and require me to run like 5 extra miles to burn it off. But this one has zero calories, carbs and sugars while still tasting good. The low-carb one is excellent too, but for 10 less calories I am a lover of this new drink! (I say new with a grain of salt…it might very well have been out for a long time and me, under my law school rock, might have not know about it!)

3. Nexxus Comb Through Hair Spray– there is that phrase of “long hair, don’t care,” or “big hair, don’t care” but I those people never lived in Texas. I change that phrase to “Texas hair, don’t care” because living in Texas makes hear a new challenge. Some of us who have curly hair (I’m sure you don’t believe me on that because it is ALWAYS straight, but its true, the straight is self imposed daily because if not I have an afro) have to care and combat the humidity. People hate hairspray because it is sticky and hardens and makes your hair all flat, but this stuff is the best. I seriously use a bottle of this, or the Ion Comb-Thru Hairspray every week because it is so great. It makes your hair soft, keeps fly aways and frizzes down yet still holds it in place and prevents it from curling or ruining the style. I AM OBSESSED. In fact, I need a new can…best $15 I spend.

4. Big Brother on CBS– By far one of my favorite parts of the summer. It is straight mindless junk on TV, but I get SO sucked in and just can’t stop! I absolutely love it. It comes on 3 nights a week, which is absolutely a lot, but I have to watch it and stay up. I follow it on Twitter, I check the website…it’s an obsession! I think I would be really good at it too…maybe I will try out for reality TV one day 😉

That’s it, enjoy! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!


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