Waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more…

Today was NOT a happy Thursday for me, let me tell you. (I’m putting the warning out at the beginning, this is kind of a rant post.)

 So today, I had a 1:00pm doctor’s appointment here in Birmingham. I work maybe 10 minutes from the doctor, so I knew I could dip out, go to the appointment, and make it back easily. During the work day, I don’t like to be gone for extended periods of time because oh, that’s right…I HAVE WORK. Anyways, I digress, back to the doctor’s appointment. So I get there the usually 20 minutes early, sign in, and sit down. And keep sitting. And come 1:00pm at my appointment time, I am still sitting. Come a ridiculous 40 minutes later, I am still sitting there. So finally, at 1:45pm, I was finally taken back by the nurse to see the doctor. And by that time, I was beyond surly. The first thing the nurse asked was “How are you doing?” I am pretty positive that she didn’t like my response, which was along the lines of “I was better 45 minutes ago when my appointment was supposed to start and now after waiting 55 minutes this appointment better be about something life threatening.” A tad rude, I am well aware, but I thought it was rude of them to keep me waiting that long. (I am well aware that two wrongs don’t make a right, but I am a little bit of a hothead, and that was very calm for my usual.)


So here’s my issue…is it acceptable for a doctor to make an appointment at a certain time and then expect you to wait on them for an excessive amount of time? I don’t think so. In my career (legal), clients cannot just be left waiting for appointments until the attorney is ready for them. In any other professional setting, appointment times are firm.  There is always lead way for someone to be a few minutes late in exigent circumstances, but 45 minutes is beyond excessive. There is a mutual respect between people that when an appointment is made, that slot is to be reserved for that person and that time is to be honored.  

 It is all over now, and my actual appointment was very short. But I left in a surly mood and really had my mood tainted for a few hours. Fortunately, there is nothing worth ruining an entire day over, so I am back in a good mood. Stay tuned for another post that will discuss WHAT the doctor told me, and what upcoming changes I will be making in my life because of it!

 So now you know what really ticks me off! What really really bothers you?


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