What an Egg-cellent day!

But really, today was fab. First of all, I wore my pants and they were long and didn’t show my ankles and looked just fabulous! I have never been happier to wear a pair of slacks in my life. It’s truly the simple pleasures in life that put me in a great mood for the whole day at work!

After a long and busy day at the office, I was in a great mood and had to get in a run. Tri approaching, yea yea yea. For the record, I dot actually love running. I enjoy it, but I don’t love it. But one thing that makes me LOVE going for a run, is taking my main man Sarge out with me!


Sargent York, or Sarge, (a frequent mention in here) is my friend Hunter’s Australian Ridgeback/Pitbull. And he is just precious! Hunter is nice enough to let me take Sarge running since I don’t have my own pup and I love running with Sarge. I won’t lie, he’s not trained and has a mine of his own, so he is always an adventure to take out. He likes to chase me back around posts when he goes the wrong way and I try to follow. But he is a great time and keeps me so happy while running.



After dropping Sarge off, I went home to make dinner. The only proper meal for an egg-cellent day is…egg salad! I love egg salad but have never made it. My favorite place in Houston to get egg salad is Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli on Post Oak Boulevard. I you haven’t been there, you should try it out!

Egg salad seemed like a good, cool meal for a hot summer day. It was easy to put together after work quickly, cheap(!), and packed full of protein! Healthy and easy…I like 🙂

Ao I gave it a shot, how hard could it be?

Boiled eggs? Check.


Chop the eggs, mix with a little mayo and spices? Check.


Serve with toasted French bread? Check.


See, wasn’t hard at all! And it was SO good! I even made enough to have some lunch at the office tomorrow 🙂 but of course, I can’t find Tupperwhere to put it on, so that is my task for the night during commercials in the Bachelorette! Hope everyone had a egg-cellent Monday to start their week off right!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie
    May 31, 2011 @ 04:23:21

    I love egg salad too…and it couldn’t be easier! I think Hunter’s lucky to have YOU offer to take Sarge running too 🙂


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