Blowing away Birmingham

Did you know Alabama is the only state in the nation with two tornado seasons? Yea, me either. Until this week. Today was tornado like, #6-15 of the season and it just sucks. We don’t even have tornadoes where i come from, its a hurricane area. Really Alabama, is it necessary to rain all the tome? And this isn’t sprinkle rain, it’s torrential sheet pour that lasts for hours. On top of that, there are these god awful inclement weather sirens that go on and on and on and on and on. AND then, the Alabama new stations feel the urge to preempt Friday Night Lights so that some newscaster can tell us that “the radar doesn’t look like it’s changing at all, could be a wet night so stay inside.” Look lady, I’m inside, now put my how show on. For all I care, Alabama could blow away as long as Friday Night Lights isn’t cancelled.

I was having a great day until the deluge. Interview went awesome, handled the MPT test, and actually had lunch with the girls for once! Then came the rain. And you don’t want to get me started on that again!

I’m heading to bed early tonight since I have to be up early for the tournament tomorrow. I found out today one of my players sprained her MCL at practice last night and it out for 3-4 weeks. So truly, when it rains…it pours.


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  1. pawsitivelife
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 00:06:42

    Never experienced a tornado…and I DONT want to. The only hurricane I was in was a few years back when I was on vacation in Cuba and the resort was evacuated..vacation ruined.


    • Samm I Amm
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 16:37:47

      Cuba is an itneresting vacation venue, I’d love to go there someday! After your experience, I think I will avoid it during hurrican season though


  2. Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 03:14:41

    I’ve never personally experienced a tornado…If 1 tornado hits it’s a HUGE deal where I live…Just not overly common….

    Good job on the interview!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about the weather troubles…

    On the plus side, at least it doesn’t look like Christmas time (snowy) like it does here right now…It’s mid april and we have snow again! geez!!!


    • Samm I Amm
      Apr 18, 2011 @ 16:39:20

      I can’t lie, I would pick rain to snow ANY day! I lived up North for 3 years and just couldn’t handle the snow. At least when it rains, it doesnt pile up on the side of the road and ice over. Good luck staying warm up there, I hope yall get some spring heat soon!


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