Comfy Crafting

It was a glasses and a ponytail kind of day for me today. I know spring is for flowing hair and cute sundresses, but I don’y really have much hair to “flow in the wind” and wearing a dress requiers sitting like a lady all day in class/library. I decided I would be much more comfortable in a t-shirt and some shorts. I made the effort to step t up a notch from my normal Nike shorts and a big t-shirt with tennis shoes to some nice navy shorts…and a big t-shirt. Hey, it was the effort that matters. I was ready in under 15 minutes, and it was fabulous.

Studying some Civil Procedure in the library

We have practice tonight, the last practice before the Bama Junior tournament this weekend where we are playigng up a division. So here’s the plan. My new middle has to perfect her quick hit, my new right side (who used to be a middle but sprained her ankle badly) needs to work on timing for a high set, and we’re all going to pray that my libero’s knees arent giving her any trouble. I want to be able to give a full effor this weekend.

Drill of the Day: Distanced Peperring. This is regular peppering, but one player is at the 10 foot line and the other is at the end line of the court. They need to try and stay as close to their respective lines as possible, and push the passes, sets and hits all the way out so they reach their partner. After a few minutes of focusing on this drill, the girls will change to a regular pepper without distance requirements.

Distance Peppering

My favorite part about the Bama Juiors tournament is that it is close to Easter! We all know how much I love holidays, because that meanas I can craft with a purpose! I’ve never erally done Easter crafts before, but theres a first time for everything. So armed with some trinkets my mother bought nd shipped to me, a bag of Easter grass (worst idea ever), pain pens, Starbusrt jellybeans (I’d be lying if I said I didnt eat about a quafrter of a bag alone the way), ribbon and some plastic Easter eggs…I went to work!

I really liked how they turned out! The bases are little flower pots with Bumblebees (Team Sting, bees…you get it, right?), which are filled with Easter grass. There is a plastic egg filled with Starburts jellybeans and a little cupcake topper stick in the grass that says Happy Easter! I decorated the pots with their names and the back says “Team Sting 16 Black 2011.” Such a fun little break from studying last night. And if my house ever recovers from the Easter grass take over, I will be in good shape. It might be time to pull out Old Smokey (the name of my massive vacuum cleaner) and get down to business!

I’m heading tp practice right about now, and then going to pack in a few hours of studying for Civil Procedure! I have a BIG interview tomorrow with a firm here in Birmingham for a summer clerkship and need to make sure I have a outfit picked out with everything ready to go. Think happy and lucky thoughts, I’d really love this job for the summer! Have a terrific Thursday night everyone 🙂

After practice update:
Were up a creek if the tournament goes anything like practice tonight. The final ice pack count was 7, and 5 players sat out for the majority of practice due to injury. In those 5 injuries, 4 are old and 1 happened tonight. I should be able to field a full team for the line-up though, just hoping they can play as usual! I’m chalking practice up to a “recovery” practice!



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