Meanwhile, back at practice…

So now that Big South is over, we go back to a normal practice schedule twice a week. We have has gym scheduling issues and conflicts that have pushed us to once a week between tournaments. Fortunately, if we miss practice for a tournament, at least the girls are still getting court time and coaching to improve.

Don’t get me wrong, they played very well at Big South. I do think we could have played better in some aspects, but overall I am very impressed with their progress.

I can’t lie, I haven’t given practice tonight much thought. Life has gotten in the way of my coaching lately, and unfortunately law school has to take a bit of precendence. In fact, I am going to be late to practice tonight (if I make it at all) due to oral arguments for LLR. Just when I thought I had turned the appellate brief in, it rears its ugly head again! Fortunately, oral arguments went well and that was the last time I will work on that problem ever!

Meanwhile, back to practice. I want to work mainly on some serving drills and some tip coverage. We missed more serves than usual during the 3rd day of Big South and I think it has to do with arm strength. Also, we had severe issues recognizing the tip and rotating our coverage. These are two things that relly refine a team and make them better than others. So today, I have TWO drills of the day, as I am set on fixing BOTH those problems!

Drill of the Day 1: Strong Serving. This is conditioning and serving at the same time. The girls will start on the back line and do 5 push ups, then serve. They then chase their ball, take it to the line on the other side, and reperat. They will do it 10 times. Their arms should be tired from doing the push ups, just like they would be from hitting for 3 full days of playing, and they will really have to focus on getting that serve over the net. With stronger arms from the push-ups, their arms won’t get so tired in the future.

Drill of the Day 2: Tip coverage. This drill involves two teams. One sets up in their 6 person game rotation on one side, and the other team conducts hitting lines on the other side. The hitting team is trying to score through a tip, roll or hit and have to mix up their swings. The team on the court must watch the hitter’s hands and adjust their coverage accordingly. It is a gamelike situation drill, so the players have to recognize the type of hit coming at them.

Overall, practice went very well. Some of the girls are sick or starting to get sick, so we had a discussion about how to stay healthy. I told them to drink and eat foods high in Vitamin C not only to combat germs, but to break up the lactic acid in their muscles and prevent soreness. I also recommended B-complex vitamins to keep their energy levels high. They need to be eating lots of protein, and my recommendations are Greek yogurt, red meat, chicken, beans and vegetables high in fiber like broccoli. They need to feel better soon and that starts with them takin care of their bodies!

One last though, the younger brother of one of my players was rushed to the hospital tonight for breathing complications due to pneumonia. Hopefully he pulls through and gets well very soon, as we are all keeping him in our thoughts!

Tomorrow is a big day for the team…my injured middle goes to the doctor to see if she can return to play, and my outside finds out if she needs a knee surgery after season. I’m thinking happy and positive thoughts that’s both of them will be healed up!

I got a great workout at practice and had a blast with the girls. How was your night?


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