Have groceries, will cook!

So great news! I finally went grocery shopping. It was about 2 weeks overdue, but I finally had an afternoon off. I stayed in the library for a few hours studying Property (ph joy…) and then busted out of there. It will probably be one of my last times to take an afternoon off, as finals are looming over my head and its time to really start the intense studying! But I knew it was necessary to gr4ocery shop, since I spend the month of December studying and eating Firehouse subs and  Chinese food, and felt absolutely terrible one I was done. Good grades, bad body…not a great trade off.

 I really miss HEB, Krogers and Randalls back in Texas, but Publix is a good little grocery store here in Birmingham. After 2 weeks without groceries, needless to say, it was a long trip. But I think I got everything! I can’t wait that long again, I spend a fortune getting everything.

I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately, with Big South offering only $7 hot dogs for lunch and law week providing lunch at school every day. I usually bring my lunch, but really fell off the wagon in the last 2 weeks, sometimes for just sheer laziness. So I swore to myself that I would make my lunch this week. Today I made Turkey Chipolte Roll-ups.  Super easy and it look like, 10 minutes while watching Law & Order. Just get your ingredients: large whole wheat tortillas, cream cheese, laughing cow cheese wedgers in garlic herb, baby spinach, sliced cheese (motzrella or white american), sundried tomatoes and chipolte spice. 

Mix the cream cheese, laughing cow garlic herb cheese and chiplte spice (add apraingly if you dont like spicy! I’m on a real chipolte kick because I like spicy in like, everything) all together and spread on the tortilla…this keeps the roll-up together when it chills. I’d love to tell you that was my knowledge, but in fact, my mother told me that while I was starting and probably saved the day.  Then stack away! I did my layers as baby spinach, cheese, double turkey, tomatoes, and baby spinach again. Then you roll them up, cover in a damp paper towel, wrap in foil and sttick in the firdge to chill. A few hours later, take them out, slice them and they are ready to eat! I was impressed, they turned out pretty good and I’m excited for lunch.

But lunch is about all I’m excited for today. This week is so jam packed with events.. Last night I had a meet-and-greet at a law firm here in Birmingham, followed by a birthday party for a friend. Today, I have 3 classes, a “Called to the Bar” seminar, oral arguments for LLR and volleyball practice. (Stay tunes for a second post about volleyball practice, as this one is getting really long!) Additionally, the paperwork needs to be filed for my job with the US Attorney’s office and thats going to take a while.  It’s also nearing finals time and I have started living in the library. It’ll all be over soon and I will be 1/3 of the way though law school…whohoo.  Ok, off to Contracts class…should be pretty exciting because someone wasn’t prepared last class and now has to sing a song about the casehe wasn’t prepared for! Check back later for the Drills of the Day and some plans for practrice ot finish out the cub volleyball season strong!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 15:19:52

    Mmmm… Those look really yummy and like they turned out good 🙂


  2. hungryhealthyhilary
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 21:10:03

    Mmm…I love chipotle too…such a great smoky spiciness! And Laughing Cow is one of my staples…but we can’t get all those flavours up here in Canada, so I have to stick with light original.


    • Samm I Amm
      Apr 08, 2011 @ 04:27:03

      That is such a bummer you can’t get the flavors up there! Garlic herb is my favorite, but the French onion is good too. Hopefully they get to stores near you soon. The regular is great to mix spices with and make any flavor you want though!


  3. Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 02:45:29

    Those “pinwheels” look fantastic! Isn’t it so much fun to eat healthy finger foods like these?? I also love that because there are multiple pieces, it takes you longer to eat and thus you feel more satisfied by the end of the meal!


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