Big weekend at Big South!

So, I was a rael slacker this weekend and didn’t post anything for three days! I’m usually so good with posting when I get home, but I just didn’t have it in me this weekend. Big South tournnament  really wore me out and the minute I finally arrived back at the hotel and made sure my players were accoutned for, I was out like a light! So here’s a good weekend recap for you!

We started on Thursday with a road trip to Georgia. Unfortuantely, we didn’t get to leave until 9:15pm because of a dinner I needed to go to for the Cordell Hull Speaker’s Forum. So I had a delicious dinner at Dave’s Pizza in Homewood and then got on the road. Well, actually, after a stop at Stabucks (sidenote, try the new cake pops they are selling, so delicious! I am going to try and make them soon), the gas station and two trips to Arby’s, then we got on the way and it was about 10pm. With the time change, we rolled into Atlanta around 2:45am, and were absolutely exhausted!

Friday was a rough day for me, as I was doing double coaching duty. During the AM Wave, I coached the 14-2 team. They are a new team, and most of them have never played volleyball before. We didnt exactly do well, but they tried really hard, did make good progress and they worked very hard for me! By the time the AM Wave finished, I was exhausted…and my team had arrived for the PM Wave. So we headed to our  court and commenced our pool play. We ended up going 1-2, but we very well could have won all the games. Ok so confession…I always take pictures with the team at every tournament, but I didn’t take any pictures on Friday with my team because I looked SO gross and didn’t want that publically documented. Therefore, no photos from Friday.

The really FUN part of Thursday was that Wrestlemania was coming to town! Only at Wrestlemania can grown men walk aroudn with photos of other grown men wearing spandex on them. I did manage to get a glimpse of John Cina (ok, who a player’s little brother told me was John Cina based on the belt he was carrying as they paraded the wrestlers throiugh the dome) and that was pretty cool. I was a solid 50 feet away, but he looks like a big dude.

 Saturday was day two of pool play and also Think Pink for Breast Cancer awareness. Quite a few of the teams wore something pink. It was Bump, Set, Spike for Breast Cancer. Here was my team in their pink sequin headbands and matching hairbows:

Tournament Tip: Encourage team unity. Some of that are obvious things like having your team stay together in the venue and sit together during off games. One of the ways I encourage team unity is to have them LOOK alike. If the team wears a ribbon or bow in their hair, they must either all wear it, or no one can. So today, when two of the girls wanted to get pink headbands for breast cancer awareness, I told them that the whole team had ot wear it, or none of them could. It brings them together as a team, because they look alike and feel like they look like a team! It also makes your team look profesional and serious to outsiders. The girls know they have to plan aheda as a team for what theyre going to wear and it forces communicaation. Here’s how I like my team…in a straight line, with everything matching and in protocol!

We went 1-2 again on Saturday, and once again probably should have won the other matches. I determined that my team just issnt an afternoon team! They don’t do well when we have all morning off and play in the afternoon. But you take what draw you get, and play when you’re told to! Overall, they played really well:

One raely fun thing about Big South, ios that theere is one GIANT venue that all the agregroups play at. Its fun to see other teams from your club and have the coaches sit on the bench when they are free. It’s like having a co-coach to bounce ideas off.

On Sunday, we were in Flight 4B of bracket play, and it was single elimination. We won our first game against Delaware Volleyball Academy, and advanced to the semi-finals of the bracket. During the semis, we played Ocala Peninsula Volleyball, and beat them! Next came the championship, as we played Ohana Volleyball Club from Georgia, who we had already played back at the NAVBC tournament and split with them. Fortunately, we were having a GREAT day and beat them easily in 2 games to win our bracket! At the end of the tournament, we were ranked 69th (I think, final rankings coming soon), our of about 280 teams. I was very proud of the girls and how they played! Fortunately, they didnt make the tumble this time when we won!

Before we left Georgia, we HAD to get a photo with a giant light-up peach! Its the Georgia way, of course.

After driving back to Birmingham, I was exchauted! I told myself that I was going to go home and read for the rest of the night…and that just didnt happen. Instead, I crawled into bed for what was supposed to be an hour long nap and woke up like, 4 hours later. So I decided the night was wasted, turned on the TV and went back to bed! I definately needed the sleep and am so glad I got the rest. Today is the day that kicks off serious finals studying for me, and things will be pretty busy until the end of school. Finals time is always madness and I end up spending the all day every day in the library studying! And that starts….tonight, yessssss.


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