Hump day, Schlump Day

Wednesday is hump day for most of the nation traditionally. But for me, Wednesday definitely isn’t halfway “over the hump” for me, considering the long weekend ahead. We have Big South this weekend and that makes the end of the week difficult to get through, knowing I don’t have a weekend! BUT, it’s worth it for the girls. Anyone have anything cool going in this weekend? Or even better, will you be at Big South??

Speaking of them, I made them new bows today! Surprise surprise, I love bows! I love finding ribbon that is double sided, so that it’s all color. I hate seeing the white side of ribbon, it’s so boring. With these in their hair, you won’t be able to miss my team!


So that’s what I spend part of my night doing between reading, eating dinner and packing. I did finally go grocery shopping, aren’t you proud? This trip was only for a few essentials since I’ll be gone all weekend. Just wait until Monday, I’ll be hitting the store hard! I haven’t been in a huge meal mood lately and find myself snacking more. Exhibit A: breakfast, sausage and cheese breakfast sliders.


Exhibit B: dinner. If you can even call it that.


I like Greek yogurt a lot, an fun fact, Chobani is really hard to find at the grocery stores near me. Thanks Alabama. Next week I will trek to Whole Foods and stock up. I have a weird cantaloupe craving as well, but if I buy a whole one, I’m going to have to buy a big knife to cut it with too.

So for a Wednesday, it was pretty chill. It thunderstormed all day, which meant I had a heinous hair day and ended up in a headband by my second class. Cute huh?


After sending emails and getting ljne-ups organized for BOTH the teams I am coaching this weekend (yes both, I’m filling in for our 14-2 coach on Friday), I updated my iPhone tonight, since it was running slow. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a new software update you should do, it works wonders. While I was updating, I browsed around the app store for a while too!

FAVE APP: Dude Perfect! You might recognize the name from the YouTube sensation that swept the ratings last year, but now there is an application to go with it! If you’re not familiar with Dude Perfect, it is a crazy stunt basketball shooting segment that was created by two great guys I attended high school with. Download their new app and give it a try, I’m enjoying playing it in my free time! Also, I got an app entitled Volleyball, that is a volleyball rally juggling game. It’s a sports day for apps today!

I’ve got to wake up in the morning and turn in my schedule for next semester, but I’m thinking I will finish this episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive first. Such a great show, really encourages to clean my place. I’ve watched an episode already tonight, and busted out the Clorox wipes about 15 minutes in.
Have any favorite shows like that?

Hope everyone had a lovely hump day! 😉


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