Red, White and Blonde ;)

So apparently Spring has spring here in Birmingham, and that means more rain. Since it’s now thunder-storming outside, I find it quite appropriate to curl up in my new favorite sweats and hop into bed!

Let’s recap today…oh yea, AWESOME. That’s right, today was just awesome! I started the day off with a zillion emails, no surprise there. But one of those emails had great news! I landed an externship, which is basically an internship, but it’s during the semester and for class credit. And I got mine with the United States Attorney! LEGIT. I will be working for the US Attorney in the Northern District of Alabama in the fall. Not going to lie, it sounds really cool every single time I say it!
The email also said, come pick up your security clearance packet immediately. What’s a security packet, huh? Well I found out. Apparently in order to work for the US Attorney, I have to be cleared an given security clearance. And its like a 60+ page packet of forms! (No photos of it either, there’s a form for that.) They want to know everything Now let’s be real, when it comes to things in my life that the government would be interested in…there’s nothing. So the form answers aren’t too exciting. I have no alliases, I’m not an illegal alien, etc. I’m a plain, boring American law student. And that means…I should pass! I’m just ecstatic about the whole opportunity and can’t WAIT to start in the fall!

So I rode my excitement on over to volleyball practice. We had a good practice.

Drill of the Day: Peppler’s Progression. This is a hitting progression drill that teaches the players to keep the ball in front of them when they hit. It’s very simple. Everyone starts in the back row; they throw the ball up to themselves, approach and hit. Then they progress to the front row, and throw the ball up in front of them, approach and hit. Eventually they will get to the point were the toss hangs where a set would, and they are hitting. They key to the drill is that they can’t approach until after the throw the toss up!

Were preparing for Big South National Qualifier this weekend. Big South is a special tournament for me. I’m not from SRVA, the region Team Sting plays in, so I didn’t play the tournaments around here. But Big South was a tournament that I myself have played in! It’s special to come back ad a coach, kind of like coming fill circle in my volleyball career. I brought the girls a little inspiration treat for the weekend to show them how much this tournament means to me and my own history…the jerseys I wore at Big South in 2003 and 2004.


I’m always telling them about my career and how much I love volleyball, but sometimes showing them is more powerful and inspirational. I certainly hope they look back on day like this with as fond of memories as I have!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s about time for me to head to bed. But first, I HAVE to acknowledge something. I was nominated for a blog award today by Fit Chick Britt, and there’s protocol for that. Once nominated and notified, one must give 7 facts about oneself and then nominate someone else. Ok so here’s my confession…I’m a bad blogger and haven’t read as many blogs as I want to! So tomorrow, I am going to read some blogs, and then I will make my nominations. So stay tuned for that 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading some interesting stuff and making some new “blends.” Apparently that means “blog friends?”

So goodnight blends. Yea, that just doesn’t sound right…what about, yea I got nothing. I’ll sleep on it and fill you in on my new terminology in the morning!


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