Wasting the day away

Unfortunately, I wasn’t wasting the day away in Margaritaville. Rather, I spent almost all day in bed, I can’t even lie. My appellate brief was done, my reading was current, my apartment was dirty (oh well) and I was exhausted! Law week, culminating with Barrister’s Ball last night took it out of me, and I needed the day to relax. We had such a good time!


Do I feel guilty about lounging all day? Nah, not at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just sleep all day. My dad called early for a recap of the night, of course. If you don’t know my dad, he’s awake at like 5am every day and tends to forget that the rest of the world isn’t, but he’s just excited to hear all about life! I also
got up occasionally for food and hydraulics, and to do a few simple things. Like, the bottom of my dress really needed to be soaked (thanks to my mother for reminding me of this, so it’s not ruined. Granted, her solution was to cut the bottom of the dress off and make it cocktail, which I kindly reminded her that cutting it short would make it the absolute sluttiest dress ever. She didnt seem to see a problem with that though…) So the dress got soaked. Hopefully it gets all the funk out.


Speaking of funk, I’m kind of worried that I got some sort of funk infecting my toe from when I got stepped on. I haven’t taken the band-aid off yet, but it freaking hurts. I did shoot some neosporin down in there though to combat whatever nastiness was on the floor of Nana Funks.

I also tackled taking out my hair up-do. This thing survived a night of drinking and dancing, 8 hour of sleep, two naps and still looked good. I am impressed. A hurricane couldn’t have knocked this thing out…and it definitely took me almost a half hour to get it out.

Around 6pm I decided to actually leave the bedroom and cook some dinner. I wanted something besides like, cereal and oatmeal which I’ve eaten week. I haven’t been grocery shopping in about a month though, so I worked with that I had. I ended up with beef brisket, macaroni and cheese and green beans.


All I had to do was heat up the brisket (thanks Mom), so that was easy. For the mac and cheese, I use my own concoction. I had kraft noodles in the box (emergency stash!) but I hate the powder cheese. So I used some velveeta in there. I needed butter or milk to thin it out, but I didn’t have either of those So olive oil and water had to do it! It turned out pretty good in spite of all the alterations. I had some mini cans of French cut green beans, so a cup of those with some lemon pepper. I made extra so I have a lunch for tomorrow…since we all know I don’t have any lunch meat or bread or a sandwich haha! I swear, I’m going grocery shopping this week.

Now I’m back in my bed, but this time with my contracts book trying to be a little productive! I’ve got some emails to answer for volleyball, as Big South is this weekend and there’s so much prep that goes into a national qualifier tournament. Big South is a special tournament for me as a coach, since it’s actually a tournament that I played in myself as a player. It’s like, coming full circle.

I love easy days like this, hope you had a fabulous Sunday!


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