Take me out to the Barrister’s Ball!

Tonight was the Barrister’s ball for law school! Basically, it’s like prom, but with an open bar and everyone is just older. We have a bunch of cocktail parties and events to attend throughout the year, but Barrister’s Ball is really the big shebang of events.

I knew Saturday would be a busy day getting everything done! I woke up at 8am and headed to the library to finish my appellate brief. And I did! That bad boy is finisheddddd! Stick a fork in me, I’m done! I was so glad to be finished and not have to worry about it anymore. Dolly Barton (my plaintiff) can take her goose bone and shove it. (ok that’s what the lawsuit was about, I digress.) I had it bound pursuant to the federal rules and turned that baby in!


With that out of the way, it was time to take the rest of the day for myself! At noon, I had a hair appointment for an updo. The hard thing about updos, is that you have to actually have hair to put up. And I really don’t. My hair is still really short and can’t do any cool twists or curls or anything. So my solution…fake it. 35 minutes and 100 or so clips later, I had 25 inches of gorgeous long blonde hair in a wonderful curled side ponytail. Gotta love extensions! It was heavy, but she secured it all in there very tight! I don’t think a hurricane could know this hairdo out She did a wonderful job and I just loved how it turned out!


Next up was make-up. MAC cosmetics is always my go to when it comes to make-up. I truly believe you should have your make-up done with the same product you wear daily, so you can know what to expect! Nathan at MAC Summit did a fabulous job. He did a more dramatic eye with a grey and an orange to match the dress with bronzed to even out my tab and then a pale lip. I’d never be able to do it like that on my own, but that’s why I call in the professionals!

With fabulous hair and perfect make-up, it was time for Round 2: Samantha v. The Dress, also known as getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dress. But it takes certain support to make sure it looks good an I struggle to find a method of support for the top. But have no fear, a roll of packing tape, an old top and some scissors made it happen! I’m kind of scattered when it comes to getting ready, and tend to make a mess. Tonight was no exception, in fact it might have even been worse! Needless to say, I have some cleaning up to do!


We had a blast at the pre-party and at the ball! It wad amazing to see everyone, to mingle and to dance! There were appetizers and drinks…only in the South will you find a grits bar and whiskey drinks at a black tie event haha! We had a blast.


After the ball we headed to Nana Funks.


The whole school ended up there it seems, formal wear and all! We danced, had a great time, and stayed out wayyy late. My friends ended up heading home a bit earlier around 2, because I got stepped on at the at by a stiletto and it ripped open my big toe. Bleeding at the bar, sooo classy! I’m not taking off the band-aid, primarily because I know it’s bloody and gross under and no one wants to see that, but mostly because I don’t have any other band-aids haha! But seriously, ow.


Around 3 am when I got home, it was way beyond time to pass out, and sleep in the next day! I can clean when I wake up…tomorrow afternoon. I’m thinking the dress needs a serious dry cleaning, and with how my feet are feeling, I don’t want to see those heels for a long time!


Hope everyone is having as fabulous of a weekend as I am!


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