TGIF…oh wait.

Its been a busy few days during law week, so I’m behind in posting. Every spare minute has been spent on my appellate brief, which is now done! I will be waking up tomorrow to edit it once more, then drop it off to be professionally bound before turning it in. Hallelujah thats over! Next up is the wrath of Stoddard’s red pen.

Last night was the TN Bar Association Redneck party. I canNOT post photos from the party, as I am way too ashamed to admit I wore that outfit in public…let’s just say, Roll Tide.

Next up is the Barrister’s Ball tomorrow night! It’s like prom, but with an open bar.

Apparently that’s our theme this year. Classy huh? I doubt I’m going to love anything I’m the morning besides sleeping in!

My day was basically Round 1 of Samantha v. The Dress. I’m trying to fix a few things about the dress, primarily settling the top section. Its a little big and doesn’t really have any support, so I’m trying to fashion something myself. After a trip to Target, a bout with scissors and some old straps and some double stick tape, I think were good!
I’m thinking I won this round, but stay tuned for tomorrow and how it actually works out! So far I have the spray tan, the hair appointment and the make-up session handled, just has to be put all together tomorrow! Here’s a preview for you…



Yes, I’ve worn the dress before. But I absolutely LOVE it, and have no issues repeating it. It was just fabulous when I bought it and it’s not black! Everyone wears the little black dress, or the long black dress, but I am more a fan of things that stand out. So Florida Gator orange it is!

As for now, I have had a nice night of cleaning and hanging out, but am off to bed. I have my eye twitch back, which means my brain hurts and it’s time for me to go to sleep now! (It better go away before tomorrow, because I am NOT wearing glasses to the ball, and the twitch pops my contacts out. If it continues, I’m just going to the ball blind. Who needs to see when you look good?)

Needless to say, I’m ready for Sunday so I can sleep in! TGIF doesn’t really have the same feel when the weekend is just as busy as the week! The library doesn’t open until 1 on Sunday, and by that time I will probably talk myself into reading from home!

Goodnight 🙂


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  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 11:51:37

    Can’t wait to see pics from the Ball. So glad you finished your breif. I bet it’s great; you’ve been working so hard.


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