White Diamonds and Grey ribbons

I can’t lie, my day was beyond uneventful. I spent it nursing the bruises on my legs and with a headache. That headache, actually is a good segway into what I want to talk about.

America lost an American icon yesterday, Elizabeth Taylor. She was an actress, a philanthropist and an icon of the ages.

So what’s the connection between the American icon Liz Taylor and my measly headache from this afternoon? It actually comes from the cause of the headache and is this. Liz Taylor and I had the same brain tumor. Brain tumors are the disease no one really talks about…there’s no famous event, no pretty colored cause ribbon, and no real famous spokesperson. Instead, there’s a grey cause ribbon and a bunch of survivors who all band together.

Taylor had hers removed in 1997, more than a decade before I had mine removed in 2009. They were both astrocytomas, with an average surgical length of 8 years. I didn’t know about Taylor’s condition until I was diagnosed actually, but was very inspired to hear about her. Looking at photos of her seeing her adapt to having a short haircut after years of long hair andanother only survive, but thrive inspires me to be the most positive possible. She was such a wonderful woman that overcame so much in her life, and it really shows that when one is determined, nothing can keep you down.

Thinking and reading about all the philanthropic efforts Taylor did in her life remind me that I need to remember, in my crazy law school induced hustle and bustle, that I need to remember to give back and help with the cause. I have a pen pal, a 19 year old girl who just had a tumor removed, and participate in the American Brain Tumor Association’s survivor 10K yearly for my charity. One day I would like to expand the foundation by creating a scholarship and continuing to help other girls and make a difference.


So rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor, the world will miss you. And thank you for reminding me today that I am lucky, and that there is always life to live to the fullest. I wear grey for me, and for wonderful people like you.


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