Gotta love Law Week!

Happppy Monday everyone! Its LAW WEEK! LAw week is like, homecoming for law students. But without football. And cheerleaders. And pep rallies. Ok so I guess its not like homecoming persay, but more like the events of homecoming week back in high school! Pretty must just an excuse for us law students to cut loose and extend spring break a little bit.

Law school is a graduate program, its technically a doctoral program. But while doctors get to wear scrubs…we get to wear these.

Ok so I dont actually expect you to get the t-shirt. We have the little law school humor, but it actually is funny, I swear. I digress….Rule 12(b)(7) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states that an affirmative defense to a complaint is “failure to join a party….under Rule 19.” Forget the whole Rule 19 part, its not important. But law week is one big part, so you dont want to fail to join the party, now do you? 😉 See, its funny, I told you!

If that wasn’t amusing for you, try this one on for size…

If that doesn’t make you feel confident in the future of the American justice system, then nothing will.

Tonight was Law School Bowling night. Let me just say, yes, I did beat the guys in my lane. I hate to lose, even at something like bowling. It wasn’t that impressive of a performance, but I’ll take the W!

And now, its past midnight, I haven’t finished reading for Evidence class or packed my costume for Freshman Folliesw tomorrow afternoon (in which I am playing my Evidence professor, so I better be prepared in class or I can kiss my grade goodbye!) Goodnight!


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