Wait, what day is it again?

That’s the absolute kicker about Spring Break, you really lose track of the days! For example, I looked at the clock and saw it was 9pm, and got all bent out of shape because I thought I had missed the Amazing Race. Turns out, it’s actually Saturday. Dodged a bullet there, I can’t be missing my shows! After figuring out I didn’t miss anything pertinent, I didn’t feel so guilty about getting sucked into the Harry Potter marathon. I only watched two of them…come on, I’m sure you have guilty pleasure movies too!

We had an interesting Saturday. Lunch was at Chuy’s in Birmingham at the Summit Mall. They have good Mexican food (I mean, it’s no La Cabana or Pappasitos, but comparatively) and a fun outdoor patio that overlooks a great view!


My weekend company left in the afternoon to head back to Texas. Although the visit was short, it was great to see Melinda!


Highlight of my day came after shopping and pedicures, when I stopped by Bob’s Bikes in Homewood. I have the triathlon itch and really want to start training for another race, but don’t have a bike in Alabama so I was going to see if I could rent one. I’d also like to buy a new road bike soon and switch from a hybrid now that I have done a tri and have my balance under control. I spoke to the guys at Bobs and they will demo me a bike for a race, and key me try a few to help pick one that I like. That is awesome! It let’s me actually be able to do a race and get back into it! Needless to say, I am excited 🙂 I found a list of races here in town and as soon as I know my summer schedule, I’ll be picking one and getting on a schedule!

I spent the rest of my night hanging at my apartment, sitting in bed, and watching movies. I did some cleaning and picking up and reading here or there, but for the most part really took the night to myself. I did try on my gowns and cocktail dresses for the upcoming law week events to make sure they sit and make a list of what accessories I need to round up. Im ending the night by planning tomorrow; Ive got the appellate brief to work on, laundry to so, groceries to buy and March Madness basketball to watch!
Tech tip for you, plan your March Madness watching with the help of today’s FAVE APP: March Madness official app by ESPN, free in the app store. It let’s you keep track of your bracket, see the playing times and even stream games live! I’ll be watching tomorrow…Hook ‘Em! \m/

Overall, great night with my, myself and I. Peace and quiet in my nice clean apartment by myself is so nice and I am one happy girl!


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  1. jessicaber
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 06:29:40

    Thanks for helping me to feel a sense of relief. I hope that it is real.


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