Meanwhile, back in Birmingham…

So I am back in Birmingham for the duration of my spring break. Break has been a complete whirlwind and I am definately looking forward to some time to relax.

My best friend Melinda, her boyfriend Sam and his brother Jack are in town from Texas visiting me. They headed to Auburn today to visit a friend down there, so I had the day to myself for the most part. They brought me back a cool coozie from Auburn so I can represent at school! All my AU friends will be way jealous 🙂 Thanks guys!

  I had a pretty productive day to myself actually, it was nice! I started the day off finding a plce to get my taxes done. Fun fact, the nice people from AARP will do your taces for free if you make an appointment with them in your own town. Go to, and look for the tac help option. My theory on it is, why pay one of those taz services $200+ to do basic taxes, when there are nice people out there who will do it for free? Taxes, CHECK.

Then I went on a nice run. It is fabulous outside in Birmingham, so I enjoyed getting out there for a morning run. I only ran like 2 miles, because my iPod was dead and I didnt have Sarge to accompany me, so I got kind of bored. I was also lazy and didn’t feel like driving to the path along Lakeshore Drive, so I just ran in the area near my complex. When I got back, I took a shower, ate breakfast and got to work!

Laundry was on the list, and I got through 5 full loads. I think I have realized I won WAY too many t-shirts! I kind of collect them. Any time I find a really cool t-shirt, or someone pgoes to an itneresting place, I always ask them to bring me one back. (So if you ever see a cool one, holler at me…I’d love to add it to the collection!) Probably time for an intervention, but I  like them all and have issues parting with any of them. Granted, they are overflowing my drawer…

After that it was reading for class, editing my appellate brief and doing a little bit of cleaning up around the apartment before rewarding myself with a nap and some NCIS on tv. Beign that it was my first actual day where I didnt have anything to do, I was beyond pleased to spend it alone with no true agenda.

When they got back from Auburn, they requested we go out to a seafood restaurant for dinner. Although I live in Birminghan now, I dont venture out as much as I should, and didn’t really know any that were Birmingham exclusive and not a chain. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and got to work finding a restaurant using on of my FAV APPS: WHERE!  This app is so great, because it lets you pick categories of food and tells you all the restaurants in the area near you. Once you select a restaurant, it will map it out for you, let you view the menu, and even check in via Facebook! When you don’t know exactly where to go, have no fear…theres an app for that! (I use my iPhone for so much in my life and there are so many great things you can do with it that I think I am going to start sharing my fav apps on here!)

We found Fish Market Restaurant in downtown Birmingham, and it was terrific! It has two options, sit down and line service. We chose to be seated in the restaurant and have full service, but you can also go through the coutner line to get your food, and sit at the tables on the other side of the restaurant. There is the same food for both, the only difference is the wait staff. We had great service, huge portions of food and a very reasoanble meal. ($40 for 3 people with drinks is awesome!) I would defiantely go back there and try soemthing else!

After a quick trip to Yougurt Mountain in Cahaba Village, now we’re back home watching reruns of CSI and having a glass o wine to end the night. Tomorrow is another day of spring break, so who knwos what it will bring!



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