We are the CHAMPIONS!

Team Sting 16 Black are the 2011 Peachtree Classic Champions!!

Sunday was day 2 of the Peachtree Classic in Atlanta, GA. Gold bracket play commenced at 8am, but since we had recieved a first round play-in bye, we had automatically advanced into the quarter finals and didn’t play until 9am.

Our first match was against the Howler Monkeys club. Their funny name was only suuplemented by their neon green jerseys. Never before have I seen jerseys in that color, nor do I want to again! We took the quarterfinal match in 2, and advanced to the smi-fianls. Before the smis would start, we had a two hour braek during which we were able to watch the qurater final match determining who would be our next opponent.

In the smei-fianls, we faced South Carolina Select, a terrific team. We knew it was going to be a hard match, but th girls were so jazzed to play. They came out to a great start, taking the first game. The second game was very close, but they Select team picked at some holes we had on the court and instad of playing such a power game, they transitioned to a smarter game to win. In the third game, the girls came out raedy to win, and ran away with it until hitting 15 points and advancing to the championship!

We haved Alliance Volleyball Club out of Nashville in the championship match. All day, this team had taken down some great competition in the other side of the pool. We took an early lead in the first game and kept it to win, with a score of 25-20. My outside hitters were SO on and accurate that it raelly carried us through. The second match was very cloe as well, but we dropped some the game due to some minor errors. As I said, AVC was a very good team and they showed it! For the third game, we took an early lead, and kept up the intensity throughout the game! With a fiaal score of 15-11, we won the championship! I truly have never seen the girls play as together and as well as they played today. It was like a lightbulb clicked in their heads and they brought all the knowledge they had learned to the court, and truly played together. Of course, we ran on the court, shook their hands and celebrated! We all put on our championship t-shirts to complete the celebration!

Tournament Tip: Set mini goals for your team to keep them motivated. During 2rd game tiebreak matches to 15 points, I like to seperate the game into smaller games and make it a competition for my team. Obviously, the game is one big competition, but makeing little goals and competitinos keeps the girls agile and motivated. I usualy seperate the game into first to 5 points, first to 8 points (when you switch sides of the court), first to ten points, then a countdown to 15 for the win. The girls feel accomplished when they hit one of the goals and keep that momentum going into the next point set.

Overall, it was such a great tournament. The girls know what it feels like to have their hard work pay off and really be rewarded for their efforts. I am so proud of them, and I know the club in too! We have a week off to let injuries heal and give the girls a break before jumping right back into Big South and SRVA Regionals!

Next up was our 2 hour drive back to Birmingham with my fabulous wing-woman Megan Ann. Roadtrips are alwaysss an adventure!

After getting back, it was time to clean my apartment and pack for the trio to Houston tomorrow! And by packing, I mean laying on the bed for an hour staring at the enmpty suitcase wishing it would pack itself, then begrudgingly pack what I think I will need to the week. After finally motivating myself to get it together and pack, my mom texts me and warns me that Houston is supposed to be rainy and cold all week, and to pack accordingly. thanks mom, I packed clothes for the warm weather. Back to the drawing board! Come hell or high water, I’ll be back in houston tomorrow to see Kid Rock at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, yeehaw!


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