And then there were 7

So yesterday it rained constantly here in Birmingham, but the eye of the storm for me didn’t happen until today. Today is one of those days that no much more can happen I feel! Let’s start…

at 6:26 this morning, my day started. I mentioned in last night’s post that one of my middles tweaked her ankle. She was going to see the doctor this morning and get it checked out the be treated for what we thought was a sprain. WRONG. Dead wrong. I got a text this morning telling me that she has torn two ligaments completely through and is walking on crutches with a boot case for 3-4 weeks, depending on rehab. Down one. And then there were 9. So we move to Plan B. Plan B includes 3 options of player line-ups…one has a left side playing the second middle, the other has a right side playing second middle, with both of their positions being filled in by others. I pray it works. Here’s my Plan B…

The day continued with texts from two players. My defensive specialist apparently has a midterm tomorrow and can’t make practice tonight. That ok, I have a libero who can play for both middles (well, my middle and the left side who is now going to play middle because of the other middle’s injury…you following all this? Good.) And then there were 8.

And then the libero texts me. My libero, who a raging sinus infection, and yes I mean raging, and couldn’t practice last night, is still sick and is needing some time for school studying due to being sick. And then there were 7. So we move to Plan C, which moved people around in the back row. Heres Plan C…

You probably wonder why I do all the conversing with my team via text instead of over the phone. Thereasoning behind this is because it allows me to answer them quicker than over the phone when I am here:

For anyone that doesn’t know, allow me to introduce you to Lucille Beeson. This is the law library here at the law school and a place I consider to be my second home. What you are looking at now is my appellate brief materials spread out to hopefully get finished soon! This is actually Miss Lucille herself, who guards us from the ghosts of law students past in the library:

But again, I digress. So now I am down to 7 for a three hour practice the night before a big tournament in Atlanta. What is a coach to do? SUCK IT UP and use whatcha got! Tonight we will be working new line-ups, preparing people for new positions and trying to mesh and adapt quickly to be ready for saturday.

Drill of the Day: “Constant Rally” This drill is easy and simply, but completely designed to be game-like and quick. I am using it to get the new line-ups used to playing as a team. Set two teams up playing 6 on 6, but the coaches will be tossing. Play it out just like a rally, but when the ball drops, the boach throws a free ball into the setter on that same side. Giving the ball to the setter simulates a constant rally, because it puts the players in the same position has the dig been properly made for play to continue. It keeps the players on their feet, and playing like in a long game rally.

the show must go on though, and we will practice like usual. Coach might have a nervous breakdown if my phone rings once more today, but thats ok…thats what the silent mode is for, right?! I am thinking a nice Firehouse sub before practice can get me in a great mood to start rebuilding! Stay tunes for updates on how the shananigans of line-up shuffle goes.

After practice update…
Yea were going to be fine. I wish I had one more hitter, but my right side is adjusting to middle very quickly and should be great. This girl is ALL athlete and straight talent, very inspiring. We should be able to handle Atlanta this weekend, every good team adapts to challenges!
We also got our new sweat suits. They aren’t exactly the grey we planned on, and are way closer to white. We kind of look like a group of abominable snow babes, but were rocking them always. I will never say no to new gear!

Between packing for ATL, packing for Houston and cleaning my apartment that I have to do tonight, I’ve got to get to work now!


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