Volleyballin’ out of Control

Its a lovely Wednesday here in Birmingham. And by lovely, I mean dreary, torrencial rain and dark. I feel like it always rains in Alabama. The good news is, I am heading back to sunny Texas in less than a week!

Volleyball wise, this will be a very busy week. We have practice tonight and tomorrow night, then leave Friday for a two day tournament. I don’t personally love back-to-back practices, because it doesnt give the girls time to recover from the last practice, and usually has them distracted by school work and other things they need to get done. BUT we go on anyways.

Drill of the Day: Three person defensive rotation. This drill involves 4 players and two coaches. The two front row players start at left front and right front. The two back row players start at middle back and left back. A ball will be hit at the three players on that side, and they get to the defensive bace to pass. Then they rotate to the other side and shift over, involving the same player. The middle back rotates over to right back, while the left back goes to middle. The front row player on that side drops back to defense, and the coach on the opposite side hits. The point of this drill is to practice quick defensive rotation from side to side. That group of 4 takes 9 hits and switches out. If the players don’t get all the way to their defensive base, they won’t be able to get the ball. It involves proper defense, teamwork and communication all combined.

Practice was interesting today yo say the least My 2nd middle sprained an ankle, my libber had a sinus infection and almost passed out, and my defensive speciality has a sprained thumb on her dominant hand. The ankle is being seen by a doctor tomorrow, so pleaseeeee please let her be on! I need my full team this weekend. BUT despite all that, we had a good practice. There’s always the politics of being a coach that can sometimes overshadow the good parts of it. I try to not get involved, but undoubtedly the coach gets stuck in the middle. The important thing is to put the girls first, make sure they can play, and that they don’t know what’s going out behind the scenes.

I now have to finish reading more Federal Rules of Evidence before heading to bed. Tomorrow is just another day in the life of practice and school! 🙂


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