Fun Facts for Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! this is the first year in quite a few that I haven’t been in NOLA to celebrate with family frinds. After Hurrican KAtrina NOLA holds a special place in our hearts because it is the home of the Penton family, who moved into our house when the hurricane ravaged their city. Who would have known the 4 of them and their little dog would have been some of the best friends, and the biggest party animals we would ever meet. So happy Mardi Grad to everyone!

Unfortunately, thats like, the only exciting thing I have to say. I literally sat in the library and in my house all day working on my appellate brief for LLR class. Oh, I did make St. Patrick’s Day bows for my team to wear at the tournament this weekend. Theyre super cute!

I was thinking about what to write to be semi-interesting, and I remembered a post that a good friend of mine put up recently. she claimed she borrowed the idea from someone else, so I am going to borrow it from her. Thank you Fit Chick Britt for letting me borrow this. Sidenote, you should def go read her inspirational blog after this!

So now you can learn a little bit more about me!

A: .Age. I’m 23 years old…I mean young. I mean old..who knows?!

B: Bed Size. I have a queen size bed, and it is fabulous.

C: Chore you hate. Taking out the trash. My apartment complex has this giant trash recepticle compactor thing at the entrance that all the trash has to be taken to. I absolutely despise taking it out there, I would much rather stick it outside the door and have it magically disappear…but it never does (and theres actually a fine for doing that.)

D: Dogs. Ohhh little Socks! Socks started as my brother’s dog, but now is definately my father’s dog. They are two of a kind!

E: Essential start to your day. Pandora Radio, the JAson Aldean station. I turn it on before I even get out of bed, then immedietly plug it into the stereo dock and start the day off with some classic country!

F: Favorite color. They call me mellow yellowwww….YELLOW! I have had three yellow cars and prefer yellow roses.

G: Gold or silver? Platinum. Oh wait, was this a wedding ring question for any prospective suitors? Hint hint.

H: Height. I am Amazon status, almost 6’1. In heels, closer to 6’5. It is AWESOME.

I: Instruments you play. I play the clarinet (maybe not anymore, but I did) and the piano.

J: Job title. Slave to Cumbeland School of Law. I mean, law student.

My other job title is technically Head Coach of 16 Black for Team Sting Volleyball Club, but I shroten that to just Coach Samm.

K: Kids. HA. I have a fern named Henry that livesw on my porch and I barely keep him alive. We had an unfortunate accident where h stayed outside during the freeze and almost didnt make it. Imagine what I could go with a child?!

L: Live. Birmingham, Alabama. But I haven’t always lived here, I only recently moved here from Houston, Texas where I grew up after being born in Gainesville, Florida.

M: Mother’s name. Mary. She’s legit.

N: Nicknames. I have a laundry list of nicknames thanks to volleyball…Big Samm, Boot, Ice, Tuna, Rambo Sambo, etc. Daddy also calls me boo-boo regularly, and the family all calls me Sammie Jo.

O: Overnight hospital stays. I had an appendectomy in 2006 that warranted two days and a craniotomy in 2009 that stuck me in there for 5 days. And thanks to my father, I have adequate photo documentation of all of the stays, no matter how unattractive they are.

P: Pet peeves. Foot tappers. I jus’t dont understand why people can’t sit still!

Q: Qupte from a movie.  The Replacements-“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”  

R: Righty or lefty? Both. I hit volleyballs with both  hands, I used to be able to write with both hands, but I primarily use the right.

S: Sibilings. Just one, little Philly. He’s 20 and plays college football in Texas.

T: Time you wake up. It varies soemtimes depending on when I have class, but usually 6:45am. That was I have time to shower, sometimes take a quick run, have breakfast and get ready for the day. Soemtimes I get distracted by singing my music and need to factor a few extra minutes in.

U: Underwear.  I know Victoria’s secret.

V: Vegetable you dislike.  I don’t raelly dislike any, but there are some that I try to stay away from because I have an innate fear of what they taste like. Beets and radishes give me the heebie jeebies. I also despite tomatoes, but apparently theyre technically a fruit.

W: What makes you late. My haair. I have a serious addiction to the straightner, the teasing comb and the can of hairspray. Sometimes, I have to tell myself to just put the hairspray down and step away. I go through about a can a week and keep a teasing comb in every bag so I have one at all times. So if I am having a bad hair day, lord knows how long I’ll be in front of that mirror!

X: X-rays you have had. Wow. I could write an entire blog entry on what x-rays I have had. I think from head to toe, I probably have had every party of my body x-rayed at some point or another. My poor parents took me to the ER, the doctor and the hospital more times then they can probably count to have every single body part x-rayed, and quite a few of them braced or casted.

Y: Yummy food you make. Cheese grits. It didn’t say healthy food, because these grits are enough to make you need a colon cleanse.  Every southern girl has to be able to make cheese grits and red velvet cake….both of which I happen to rock at.

Z: Zoo animal favorite. I like the giraffes. I feel like we can really bond about being taller than the rest of the population.

OK…thats enough about me. Anyone have anything exciting about then from the categories? I will leave ya’ll for the night to go read more Civil Procedure and retire for the night. Enjoy!




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