Real World v. Reality TV

So tonight was the “Woman Tell All” episode of the Bachelor, and it got me to thinking. I should go on the show. My dad jokes about it just about every time we force him to watch it, that it could be my chance to find a man. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that although it is my dream to be an attorney…I would be great on realiality TV.

The Bachelorette. I have way too many control issues to be on the Bachelor, so I would have to be the actual Bahelorette. It’s perfect dating. Your hair and make-up are always done, and there are always people on call to fix it should something happen, a stylist picks your clothes and a TV station edits out anything stupid that you say. I could be the perfect woman on TV. The hometown date would be beyond amusing, if you have ever met my family. The only issue I would prbably have it remembering the names at the rose ceremony, but thats what Chris Harrison is for! I doubt my father would ever watch the show again, but I don’t think he will be too torn up about it. Every time the show ends and they say “log on to be the next Bachelorette,” I almost pick up the computer.

Deal or No Deal. I would LOVE to pick numbered suit cases and win mad money. But at the same time, if I didnt make the cut for a contestant, I would also love to wear a hot dress and carry that briefcase. I seriously think this sho could be a win-win situation. And for the record, I would pick case #8.

The Amazing Race. The key to this show is finding a good teammate and a good catch phrase to name your taem. I’ve got a few good options, prinarily my brother. We could be the Brother/Sister team that were college athletes…who could resist that team? I think we could be pretty good too. I’d do the knowledge challenges, he would eat the weird stuff. We both speak Spanish, so I oculd def pray our trip took us to a Spanish speaking country and we could rock everyone. We also argue on a regular basis, so I am sure there would be great drama to follow.

Cupcake Wars. So we all know I love to bake cupcakes. I know I dont have any formal training, but I think I could hold my own. My biggest fear is that someone would use peanut butter as one of the ingredients and I would blod up like a blowfish (I’m allergic.) Florian might rip me a new one for not having enough flavor, but I would be ok with that.

So my other possibilities would be a toss up between True Life: I’m a 1L, Survivor (the best diet ever!), and Intervention (for my iPhone addiction.) If this attorney thing doesnt work out, or even if it does…I do think realizty TV would be a good side gig.

But in my own reality, I ahve an appellate brief due in 4 weeks, a trip to TX one week from today, law week coming up and a volleyball tournament this weekend in Atlanta. The best part about this weekend’s tournament is that its near St. Patrick’s day and you know what that means…holiday hairbows! Stay tuned for when they are done! Man do I love hairbows. For now though, I’m back to the 11th circuit Court of Appeals and there are NO bows allowed! Until next time!


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  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 14:25:27

    You’d be great in all these! I was watching a show about hollywoods hottest jobs or something and it said the Deal or No Deal girls only worked about 1 day a month (to film that months shows) and they get paid like 100’s of thousands of dollars for those 12 days of work. I’d so be down for that.


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