#2 in the ranks, #1 in my heart!

One day tournaments can be two things…a coach’s dream, and a nightmare. They are a dream because they’re usually close to home so theres no travel, only take one day, and don’t suck an entire weekend away. They’re a nightmare because they turn into the longest day of your life. And true to form, today was close to one of the longest days of my life…BUT one of the best!
Today was the Team Sting Spring Sting tournament. The 16s division was smaller than usual, so we went into one large pool of teams. We played out pool play and the gold bracket was determined by overall win-loss record. It was seeded to be a 12+ hour day!

I started the day with a kick, a double venti kick. Coach has to be awake! Thank you Starbucks for keeping me going until noon!

After last weekend, I was worried about how the girls would play. I knew I had one who wasn’t feeling well, two with lingering elbow injuries, one with a lingering knee injury and one who would miss part of the day for an academic commitment. So we were starting strong HA. But the girls came out fired up and ready to play! We had a great day and finished pool play in second place with a record of 9-3. In the championship game, we faced the 16 National team from our own club, and despite giving them a run for their money, we lost and took 2nd. I was SO pleased with the outcome of the tournament and how the girls played!

Tournament Tip: Be a member of your team while coaching. There is a fine line a coach must straddle between being a friend and “cool” to the players, and being an authority figure to them. One way to do this is so be a team member while coaching from the bench. I always make sure to do the cheers with the team after something happens ad to truly get excited for them. I’m a wild coach and get very excited and emotional on the bench, which makes my girls want to do well to see that. Celebrate the wins with your team, but also make sure they know how well they played after a hard fought loss.

I had forgotten how long tournament day like that can be though! It doesn’t matter how comfortable my sweet new Mizuno shoes are, after 13 hours o standing, my feet and legs were getting a little sore!

Next weekend is the Peachtree Classic and I am feeling big things ahead!


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