Ribbons, raffeta and bows…oh my!

Ohh Thursday. The best part about Thursday is that it is Friday’s precursor, and that means the weekend is right around the corner. I have a very busy weekend ahead though, with the Team Sting Spring Fling Tournament going on all Saturday.

So, the best part of my Thursday? Well, besides getting out of property class almost an hour early, because that was awesome, was a nice run with Sarge. Sarge is a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador/Pit Bull mix that belongs to my friend Hunter who is nice enough to let me borrow his puppy as a running partner. This dog more takes me on a run, but he’s so excited to be out there that I get excited too. How could you not love this guy?

He’s beyond cute right? Love him.

I spent the rest of the night with friends, and then retired to the apartment to make some goodies for my team. Don’t get me wrong, they may run wall sprints and give me a hard time sometimes, but I spoil them rotten. I love to craft, so making them things is one of my favorite out of law school activities. Let’s see what they have gotten…

First there was Christmas:

Then they’re were team ribbons, because every team need ribbons to match their uniform!

Next up was Valentine’s day. What doesn’t need pink hairbows for a Valentine’s Day tournament? Well, my team did.

But I think Valentine’s stuff is so cute, so I had to make them individual Valentine’s presents too!

Well, I had a tournament without a holiday last weekend, and that drive me crazy. I love holidays! Fortunately, with the help of my mother, we have Mardi Gras gifts this weekend! Mom was nice enough to ship me fleur-de-lis cookies from a fabulous bakery in Texas for the girls, which I wrapped up in Mardi Gras colors!

I think they’ll be excited, who doesn’t love gifts? So as I said, my team is spoiled rotten by me. St. Patty’s day is already in the works with green gifts and matching green shamrock hairbows! I can’t wait!

When I go back to visit Texas, they will be getting a Texas themed gift that could make anyone a lover of the Lone Star state 🙂 Speaking of which, 2 weeks until my visit home! I can taste the fried Twinkie at the rodeo already.

Civil procedure at 9am is going to come early and I have a long day of tournament prep after classes tomorrow, so I am forcing myself to put away the bows and head to bed. If you have fun craft ideas, send them over, as I always love new ideas and suggestions!


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