Practice makes Perfect

Wednesday is practice day! Coming off last weekend’s tournament, we have a hearty practice ahead of us tonight. The girls realy need to focus on teamwork and communication tonight. We only have ONE practice this week due to gym scheduling, but we will have a very full weekend of playing.

Heres a synopsis of how I plan to jam and action pack a full practice, incentives and a scrimmage into three short hours.

Lets start with INCENTIVES. They’re actually punishments, let’s be real. But i prefer to call them incentives that are fundatory…fun AND mandatory. Wall sprints are our punishment, i mean incentive, of choice and all the girls know they are coming tonight! 1 wal sprint-dropped freeball, 50 wall sprints-lack of hustle, 25 wall sprints-make-up worn at practice, 25 wall sprints-out of uniform at a tournament, 25 wall sprints-unauthorized use of a cell phone at a tournament. We might very well have to break the wall sprints up into multiple practices since some of the have a multitude to run.

Then will be a warm-up and the ball control circuit as usual. I like to keep thinks light hearted after incentives, so that the girls can stay positive and not feel lik e theyre in trouble all practice. Once incentives are over, we don’t talk about them again and move on. Next up are defensive movement series and serve recieve.

DRILL OF THE DAY: Servers v. Passers. Using two teams, set up three back row passers a setter and a target at left fronton each side of the net. Have the servers from one team serve at the passers from the other team. The goal is to get 25 passes to the target. In order for it to be a perfect pass, the setter but stay in front of the 10 foot line, and within one step of her position 7 base. BUT, if their servers miss a serve, you subtract one from the total. You are serving at the opposite team, so you want to serve competitively, but since it adversly effects your score to miss, you want to make sure the serve stays in. This drill is game like and encourages proper competitive serving, but also shows that the serve is important in a game because it loses a point. The passes are encouraged to work harder and pass more balls to increase the score as until their goal. When one team reaches 25 passes, the other team must run the deficit in wall sprints.

At the end of practice, we will scrimmage full out against the other teams in a game-like situation. Leaving the girls feeling like they had a good practice and made positive improvement is important because it will put them in a postive mood for the tournament. We had an overall great practice, minus my eyes being crazy dilated the whole time. I could barely see anything the whole time, but I could be blind and see champions!

In other alspects of life, I am happy to report that the trash can small problem has been resolved. With a hearty can of Frbreze and some lemons in the garbage disposal, the kitchen is smelling thai-dragonfruit-berry fresh and clean. Makes me SO happy yo come home at night to a delicious smelling house. After a long day today of classes, doctors appointments and practices, I’m beat! Ended the night on the highest note of all, my wonderful mother bought me a plane ticket home to Texas for spring break! Yeeeeehaw and goodnight.


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