Everyone needs a back-up plan…or five.

So, I went to a career fair today and a guy asked me…”what would your dream job be?” And I answered…”corporate counsel for Exxon Mobil Corporation.” Apparently that was the wrong answer for a pro-bono environmental foundation, but hey, he DID ask.

That puts me on a good topic though…the job search. After grades come out during the 1L year, the hunt is on for summer clerkships. Law students are like pirahnas when it comes to looking for jobs, and no one is safe. But I’d rather think about what I would do BESIDES being an attorney. So here are my top 5 dream professions.

1. Cupcake Baker.
Who wouldn’t want to bake cupcakes for a living? I bake them in my spare time, so why not get a PHD in pastries and make a living out of it. I’d call them Sammcakes. Ok, that needs work. Here are some creations:

2. Interior Decorator.
If I could redecorate my house monthly, I totally would. I love to decorate, plan, shop and accessorize. Anyone who has seen my apartment knows that I have never met a home goods store that I didn’t like. Over-decorating? Nonsense!

3. Professional Cheerleader.
Preferably for the Houston Texans. I would need to be like, 5 inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter but this is a post about dream jobs, right? I had my moment of glory last night at volleyball, when I busted out my skills and showed off some tumbling passes. Oh yea, I’ve still got it.

4. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
I guess this is kind of cheating, because it is law related, but oh well. Chief Justice rules…literally. Who wants to be President when you can law down the law?

5. A sport commentator.
I love to talk, and about sports. Half the time, they’re not even talking about sports but about god knows what! I have all sorts of knowledge that could be thrown in there and I would be interesting I feel…hopefully. I don’t know if people even read this, much less if they would listen to my show, but I’d be game to try. Especially if I could be on Urban Meyer or Charles Barkley’s show!

I’m off to bed to prep for one heck of a day tomm…three classes, an appointment with a neuro-radiology specialist and volleyball practice should be enough right? Buenos noches!


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My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!
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