Happy Birthday Texas!

Today is the Great State of Texas’ 175th birthday! Although I am not there, I feel it completely appropriate to be wearing Texas colors and celebrating here in Alabama. I do have a volleyball introductino night tonight, which means they will be introducing every team and taking group/club photos, but I feel the urge to dedicate this entire post to the ABC’s of “What I love about Texas!” Everyone jokes that I am way too proud of Texas and it is quite possible that I might be a bit biased, but there truly are fabulous things about Texas. Here we go…

A: Armadillos. Theyre not roadkill, theyre cute.

B: Bluebonnests. The state flower of Texas is just beautiful. Oh, its also a state offense punishable by law to pick them on public property. Take that.

C: Country Music. Some of the best performers come straight out of small town Texas, like Eli Young Band, Roger Creager, Randy Rogers and Pat Green. They all perform every summer at festivals, fairs and the racetrak and are by fat the best performers out there.

D: Dr. Pepper. You might not know, but the Dr. Pepper factory is deep in the heart of Texas. Personally, I am a fan of diet Dr. Pepper, but its all from the same place!

E: Energy. We drill our own oil down here baby, let me go dig up my backyard.

F: Football. HOUSTON TEXAS FOOTBALL. So what he haven’t won a Superbowl? We are the most fun team in the NFL! Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans, Arian Foster, Vonta Leach…we have a stacked roster who all have an amazing fan base behind them all the way! Football in general is big down here, Friday night lights style.

G: Good friends! Some of my best friends are in Texas, and I always love giong back to visit them.

H: Horwitch family. Thats right, the fam is still in Texas. Fortunately, I go back to visit quite frequently and they just cant get rid of me. See ya’ll in 2 weeks!

I: Ice, or rather lack there of. Its always hot in Texas and we don’t do the whole ice storm/snow storm/winter storm thing.

J: John Cooper School, my high school. Great high school located in the Woodlands, Texas that provided me with some great memories and a terrific education. Go Dragons!

K: Klein. This school district provided a solid three quarters of my memories in high school, and gave me some friends who I am still close with today!

L: Longhorns! Not only the football team, but the actual animal. It’s stately, regal and grandiose…everything a state animal of Texas should be.

M: Mutton bustin;. If you dont know what this is, it is the greatest rodeo sport ever invented. Children under the age of 8 are helmeted up and put on sheep to ride across the rodeo floor while being timed. It is like toddler version of bull riding, and beyond funny.

N: Nascar. Some say it stands for “not a sport, calling all rednecks” but down in TX, its a big deal. Texas Motor Speedway gets fired up and ready to go for the races!

O: Oreos, fried oreos. Only at the rode can you get a fried oreo. It might be enough to clog your arteries for a yaer but it is totally worth it. Wash your fried oreo down witha fried twinkie and you’re good to go on fat intake for the year.

P: Presidents. Specificall, LBJ, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Three great presidents have come straight out of the heartland, and two of them still make their home here today at Crawford Ranch.

Q: umm, Quilting? My mom quilts. Don’t all moms? She’s really good too.

R: the RODEO! Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the biggest (yes, this is a proven statistic) and best rodeo in the nation! Where else can you see Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Kiss and Justin Beiber on the same stage? Houston, Texas…thats right. Cook-off to wagon races to performers to cute cowboys, we have it all.

S: Shiner Boch. Texas brewed boch beer that is terrific. It is brewed locally in Shiner, Texas and until recently, could only be purchased in Texas. I recently found it in Alabama and it was one of the happiest days!

T: TexMex food. No where in the nation can you find a better Mexican food restaurant, complete with queso and blue margaritas for under 20 bucks.

U: Underwear. Texas is the only state that Victoria’s Secret makes collegiate underwear for more than one state school. What whaaaaat.

V: Views. Listen to Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States” and you’ll understand….

W: Whataburger. What a burger! The best fast food in the country and the only place you can get a taquito or honey butter chicken biscuit at 2am, and the only fast food joint to serve legitimate biscuits and gravy like mama made.

X: X-rays. I’m using this as more of a representative symbol word, since X really is a rough letter. But speaking of x-rays, Houston has one of the best medical centers in the nation. There is no where else in the nation I would be treated.

Y: Yellow roses. Our state flower, the yellow rose of Texas, pretty must says it all. Some say yellow roses mean friendship, but we think yellow roses mean love, Texas and forever.

Z: Zumba. Apparently its all the rage and my gym offers classes. A pretty lame letter to end on.

There are tons of other things I love about Texas, but that will do for now.

In the words of Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights the TV show…heres to God, football, and living large in Texas. God Bless Texas and happy birthday!


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  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 15:51:12

    Mutton Bustin is the bomb!!


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