Hump day, Schlump Day

Wednesday is hump day for most of the nation traditionally. But for me, Wednesday definitely isn’t halfway “over the hump” for me, considering the long weekend ahead. We have Big South this weekend and that makes the end of the week difficult to get through, knowing I don’t have a weekend! BUT, it’s worth it for the girls. Anyone have anything cool going in this weekend? Or even better, will you be at Big South??

Speaking of them, I made them new bows today! Surprise surprise, I love bows! I love finding ribbon that is double sided, so that it’s all color. I hate seeing the white side of ribbon, it’s so boring. With these in their hair, you won’t be able to miss my team!


So that’s what I spend part of my night doing between reading, eating dinner and packing. I did finally go grocery shopping, aren’t you proud? This trip was only for a few essentials since I’ll be gone all weekend. Just wait until Monday, I’ll be hitting the store hard! I haven’t been in a huge meal mood lately and find myself snacking more. Exhibit A: breakfast, sausage and cheese breakfast sliders.


Exhibit B: dinner. If you can even call it that.


I like Greek yogurt a lot, an fun fact, Chobani is really hard to find at the grocery stores near me. Thanks Alabama. Next week I will trek to Whole Foods and stock up. I have a weird cantaloupe craving as well, but if I buy a whole one, I’m going to have to buy a big knife to cut it with too.

So for a Wednesday, it was pretty chill. It thunderstormed all day, which meant I had a heinous hair day and ended up in a headband by my second class. Cute huh?


After sending emails and getting ljne-ups organized for BOTH the teams I am coaching this weekend (yes both, I’m filling in for our 14-2 coach on Friday), I updated my iPhone tonight, since it was running slow. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s a new software update you should do, it works wonders. While I was updating, I browsed around the app store for a while too!

FAVE APP: Dude Perfect! You might recognize the name from the YouTube sensation that swept the ratings last year, but now there is an application to go with it! If you’re not familiar with Dude Perfect, it is a crazy stunt basketball shooting segment that was created by two great guys I attended high school with. Download their new app and give it a try, I’m enjoying playing it in my free time! Also, I got an app entitled Volleyball, that is a volleyball rally juggling game. It’s a sports day for apps today!

I’ve got to wake up in the morning and turn in my schedule for next semester, but I’m thinking I will finish this episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive first. Such a great show, really encourages to clean my place. I’ve watched an episode already tonight, and busted out the Clorox wipes about 15 minutes in.
Have any favorite shows like that?

Hope everyone had a lovely hump day! 😉


Red, White and Blonde ;)

So apparently Spring has spring here in Birmingham, and that means more rain. Since it’s now thunder-storming outside, I find it quite appropriate to curl up in my new favorite sweats and hop into bed!

Let’s recap today…oh yea, AWESOME. That’s right, today was just awesome! I started the day off with a zillion emails, no surprise there. But one of those emails had great news! I landed an externship, which is basically an internship, but it’s during the semester and for class credit. And I got mine with the United States Attorney! LEGIT. I will be working for the US Attorney in the Northern District of Alabama in the fall. Not going to lie, it sounds really cool every single time I say it!
The email also said, come pick up your security clearance packet immediately. What’s a security packet, huh? Well I found out. Apparently in order to work for the US Attorney, I have to be cleared an given security clearance. And its like a 60+ page packet of forms! (No photos of it either, there’s a form for that.) They want to know everything Now let’s be real, when it comes to things in my life that the government would be interested in…there’s nothing. So the form answers aren’t too exciting. I have no alliases, I’m not an illegal alien, etc. I’m a plain, boring American law student. And that means…I should pass! I’m just ecstatic about the whole opportunity and can’t WAIT to start in the fall!

So I rode my excitement on over to volleyball practice. We had a good practice.

Drill of the Day: Peppler’s Progression. This is a hitting progression drill that teaches the players to keep the ball in front of them when they hit. It’s very simple. Everyone starts in the back row; they throw the ball up to themselves, approach and hit. Then they progress to the front row, and throw the ball up in front of them, approach and hit. Eventually they will get to the point were the toss hangs where a set would, and they are hitting. They key to the drill is that they can’t approach until after the throw the toss up!

Were preparing for Big South National Qualifier this weekend. Big South is a special tournament for me. I’m not from SRVA, the region Team Sting plays in, so I didn’t play the tournaments around here. But Big South was a tournament that I myself have played in! It’s special to come back ad a coach, kind of like coming fill circle in my volleyball career. I brought the girls a little inspiration treat for the weekend to show them how much this tournament means to me and my own history…the jerseys I wore at Big South in 2003 and 2004.


I’m always telling them about my career and how much I love volleyball, but sometimes showing them is more powerful and inspirational. I certainly hope they look back on day like this with as fond of memories as I have!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s about time for me to head to bed. But first, I HAVE to acknowledge something. I was nominated for a blog award today by Fit Chick Britt, and there’s protocol for that. Once nominated and notified, one must give 7 facts about oneself and then nominate someone else. Ok so here’s my confession…I’m a bad blogger and haven’t read as many blogs as I want to! So tomorrow, I am going to read some blogs, and then I will make my nominations. So stay tuned for that 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading some interesting stuff and making some new “blends.” Apparently that means “blog friends?”

So goodnight blends. Yea, that just doesn’t sound right…what about, yea I got nothing. I’ll sleep on it and fill you in on my new terminology in the morning!

Keeping things interesting with the Gruesome Twosome

So I’ve spent the last hour on the phone with my mother, while texting my brother. Now don’t get me wrong, Phil and I are good kids, but we have given our poor mother a run for her money. We definitely put her through more trauma than most parents have to endure. We are absolutely entertaining though. God bless them, because I’m sure were not done yet. Brain tumors, concussions, cysts, braces, broken bones, black eyes…you name it, we got it. It’s always something for them, and they’re hanging in there well! But seriously, were good kids, I swear 😉 Seriously, what can you expect with two 6 foot blonde twins like this?


Well, unfortunately, the riveting conversation was about the highlight of my day. I started by actually making coffee! I haven’t don’t that in a while, because I am seriously addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and have one in the morning. BUT courtesy of Lexis Nexis, I got a new coffee cup and wanted to use it. Check this out:


Ok so that may not mean anything to you, but it's really funny to law students nationwide! That is the case of the guy who sued McDonalds for being burned by hot coffee. See…NOW it's funny. Coffee cup with the case on it about coffee! Ok, maybe still only to law students.

Today at school was uneventful for a Monday. It's not law week anymore, so things are significantly less exciting. Went to class, went to scheduling seminar, went to another class, talked to a professor, studied, went home. Riveting, I know.

I did cook dinner though. No, I didn't grocery shop, I know, I know. I will get to that sometime this week, I'm sure. I made mushroom cous-cous and chicken. Cous-cous is group up chick-peas and SO awesome. It also takes 7 minutes exactly to make, which is right up my alley. Looks good huh? Tastes good too.


Now I’ve retired to the chaise lounge to watch Cake Boss while reading Civ Pro, and later will tackle the two. Today, I bought a huge bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a box of 100 band-aids and a giant tube of antibacterial ointment. Mark my words, I’m NOT getting an infection (or the “nana funk” as I fondly refer to it as) and it’ll be cleared up in no time. As for my pedicure, it might not be able to be saved. I’ll spare you the gory details (and photos!)

“Manic” Monday is over, but I’m ready for the week to pick up! I have volleyball practice, baseball opening days, a road trip and a huge volleyball tournament coming up to look forward to!

Wasting the day away

Unfortunately, I wasn’t wasting the day away in Margaritaville. Rather, I spent almost all day in bed, I can’t even lie. My appellate brief was done, my reading was current, my apartment was dirty (oh well) and I was exhausted! Law week, culminating with Barrister’s Ball last night took it out of me, and I needed the day to relax. We had such a good time!


Do I feel guilty about lounging all day? Nah, not at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just sleep all day. My dad called early for a recap of the night, of course. If you don’t know my dad, he’s awake at like 5am every day and tends to forget that the rest of the world isn’t, but he’s just excited to hear all about life! I also
got up occasionally for food and hydraulics, and to do a few simple things. Like, the bottom of my dress really needed to be soaked (thanks to my mother for reminding me of this, so it’s not ruined. Granted, her solution was to cut the bottom of the dress off and make it cocktail, which I kindly reminded her that cutting it short would make it the absolute sluttiest dress ever. She didnt seem to see a problem with that though…) So the dress got soaked. Hopefully it gets all the funk out.


Speaking of funk, I’m kind of worried that I got some sort of funk infecting my toe from when I got stepped on. I haven’t taken the band-aid off yet, but it freaking hurts. I did shoot some neosporin down in there though to combat whatever nastiness was on the floor of Nana Funks.

I also tackled taking out my hair up-do. This thing survived a night of drinking and dancing, 8 hour of sleep, two naps and still looked good. I am impressed. A hurricane couldn’t have knocked this thing out…and it definitely took me almost a half hour to get it out.

Around 6pm I decided to actually leave the bedroom and cook some dinner. I wanted something besides like, cereal and oatmeal which I’ve eaten week. I haven’t been grocery shopping in about a month though, so I worked with that I had. I ended up with beef brisket, macaroni and cheese and green beans.


All I had to do was heat up the brisket (thanks Mom), so that was easy. For the mac and cheese, I use my own concoction. I had kraft noodles in the box (emergency stash!) but I hate the powder cheese. So I used some velveeta in there. I needed butter or milk to thin it out, but I didn’t have either of those So olive oil and water had to do it! It turned out pretty good in spite of all the alterations. I had some mini cans of French cut green beans, so a cup of those with some lemon pepper. I made extra so I have a lunch for tomorrow…since we all know I don’t have any lunch meat or bread or a sandwich haha! I swear, I’m going grocery shopping this week.

Now I’m back in my bed, but this time with my contracts book trying to be a little productive! I’ve got some emails to answer for volleyball, as Big South is this weekend and there’s so much prep that goes into a national qualifier tournament. Big South is a special tournament for me as a coach, since it’s actually a tournament that I played in myself as a player. It’s like, coming full circle.

I love easy days like this, hope you had a fabulous Sunday!

Take me out to the Barrister’s Ball!

Tonight was the Barrister’s ball for law school! Basically, it’s like prom, but with an open bar and everyone is just older. We have a bunch of cocktail parties and events to attend throughout the year, but Barrister’s Ball is really the big shebang of events.

I knew Saturday would be a busy day getting everything done! I woke up at 8am and headed to the library to finish my appellate brief. And I did! That bad boy is finisheddddd! Stick a fork in me, I’m done! I was so glad to be finished and not have to worry about it anymore. Dolly Barton (my plaintiff) can take her goose bone and shove it. (ok that’s what the lawsuit was about, I digress.) I had it bound pursuant to the federal rules and turned that baby in!


With that out of the way, it was time to take the rest of the day for myself! At noon, I had a hair appointment for an updo. The hard thing about updos, is that you have to actually have hair to put up. And I really don’t. My hair is still really short and can’t do any cool twists or curls or anything. So my solution…fake it. 35 minutes and 100 or so clips later, I had 25 inches of gorgeous long blonde hair in a wonderful curled side ponytail. Gotta love extensions! It was heavy, but she secured it all in there very tight! I don’t think a hurricane could know this hairdo out She did a wonderful job and I just loved how it turned out!


Next up was make-up. MAC cosmetics is always my go to when it comes to make-up. I truly believe you should have your make-up done with the same product you wear daily, so you can know what to expect! Nathan at MAC Summit did a fabulous job. He did a more dramatic eye with a grey and an orange to match the dress with bronzed to even out my tab and then a pale lip. I’d never be able to do it like that on my own, but that’s why I call in the professionals!

With fabulous hair and perfect make-up, it was time for Round 2: Samantha v. The Dress, also known as getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dress. But it takes certain support to make sure it looks good an I struggle to find a method of support for the top. But have no fear, a roll of packing tape, an old top and some scissors made it happen! I’m kind of scattered when it comes to getting ready, and tend to make a mess. Tonight was no exception, in fact it might have even been worse! Needless to say, I have some cleaning up to do!


We had a blast at the pre-party and at the ball! It wad amazing to see everyone, to mingle and to dance! There were appetizers and drinks…only in the South will you find a grits bar and whiskey drinks at a black tie event haha! We had a blast.


After the ball we headed to Nana Funks.


The whole school ended up there it seems, formal wear and all! We danced, had a great time, and stayed out wayyy late. My friends ended up heading home a bit earlier around 2, because I got stepped on at the at by a stiletto and it ripped open my big toe. Bleeding at the bar, sooo classy! I’m not taking off the band-aid, primarily because I know it’s bloody and gross under and no one wants to see that, but mostly because I don’t have any other band-aids haha! But seriously, ow.


Around 3 am when I got home, it was way beyond time to pass out, and sleep in the next day! I can clean when I wake up…tomorrow afternoon. I’m thinking the dress needs a serious dry cleaning, and with how my feet are feeling, I don’t want to see those heels for a long time!


Hope everyone is having as fabulous of a weekend as I am!

TGIF…oh wait.

Its been a busy few days during law week, so I’m behind in posting. Every spare minute has been spent on my appellate brief, which is now done! I will be waking up tomorrow to edit it once more, then drop it off to be professionally bound before turning it in. Hallelujah thats over! Next up is the wrath of Stoddard’s red pen.

Last night was the TN Bar Association Redneck party. I canNOT post photos from the party, as I am way too ashamed to admit I wore that outfit in public…let’s just say, Roll Tide.

Next up is the Barrister’s Ball tomorrow night! It’s like prom, but with an open bar.

Apparently that’s our theme this year. Classy huh? I doubt I’m going to love anything I’m the morning besides sleeping in!

My day was basically Round 1 of Samantha v. The Dress. I’m trying to fix a few things about the dress, primarily settling the top section. Its a little big and doesn’t really have any support, so I’m trying to fashion something myself. After a trip to Target, a bout with scissors and some old straps and some double stick tape, I think were good!
I’m thinking I won this round, but stay tuned for tomorrow and how it actually works out! So far I have the spray tan, the hair appointment and the make-up session handled, just has to be put all together tomorrow! Here’s a preview for you…



Yes, I’ve worn the dress before. But I absolutely LOVE it, and have no issues repeating it. It was just fabulous when I bought it and it’s not black! Everyone wears the little black dress, or the long black dress, but I am more a fan of things that stand out. So Florida Gator orange it is!

As for now, I have had a nice night of cleaning and hanging out, but am off to bed. I have my eye twitch back, which means my brain hurts and it’s time for me to go to sleep now! (It better go away before tomorrow, because I am NOT wearing glasses to the ball, and the twitch pops my contacts out. If it continues, I’m just going to the ball blind. Who needs to see when you look good?)

Needless to say, I’m ready for Sunday so I can sleep in! TGIF doesn’t really have the same feel when the weekend is just as busy as the week! The library doesn’t open until 1 on Sunday, and by that time I will probably talk myself into reading from home!

Goodnight 🙂

White Diamonds and Grey ribbons

I can’t lie, my day was beyond uneventful. I spent it nursing the bruises on my legs and with a headache. That headache, actually is a good segway into what I want to talk about.

America lost an American icon yesterday, Elizabeth Taylor. She was an actress, a philanthropist and an icon of the ages.

So what’s the connection between the American icon Liz Taylor and my measly headache from this afternoon? It actually comes from the cause of the headache and is this. Liz Taylor and I had the same brain tumor. Brain tumors are the disease no one really talks about…there’s no famous event, no pretty colored cause ribbon, and no real famous spokesperson. Instead, there’s a grey cause ribbon and a bunch of survivors who all band together.

Taylor had hers removed in 1997, more than a decade before I had mine removed in 2009. They were both astrocytomas, with an average surgical length of 8 years. I didn’t know about Taylor’s condition until I was diagnosed actually, but was very inspired to hear about her. Looking at photos of her seeing her adapt to having a short haircut after years of long hair andanother only survive, but thrive inspires me to be the most positive possible. She was such a wonderful woman that overcame so much in her life, and it really shows that when one is determined, nothing can keep you down.

Thinking and reading about all the philanthropic efforts Taylor did in her life remind me that I need to remember, in my crazy law school induced hustle and bustle, that I need to remember to give back and help with the cause. I have a pen pal, a 19 year old girl who just had a tumor removed, and participate in the American Brain Tumor Association’s survivor 10K yearly for my charity. One day I would like to expand the foundation by creating a scholarship and continuing to help other girls and make a difference.


So rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor, the world will miss you. And thank you for reminding me today that I am lucky, and that there is always life to live to the fullest. I wear grey for me, and for wonderful people like you.

All dressed up, with only down to go!

So that’s not usually how that statement ends. I was all dressed up and actually did have somewhere to go tonight! Tonight was a cocktail party for law week at a rooftop bar in downtown Birmingham.

So after a fabulous performance by us Section 3 performers at Freshman Follies, I headed home to change out of my Professor Young outfit and get ready for the party. I love cocktail dresses, but I won’t wear them in black. I feel like everyone wears black cocktail dresses, so I will only wear colors. Or white. And tonight was a night for white. I got dolled up and was ready to go!


Gotta love the classic bathroom pic. I don’t have any pictures from the event yet because I didn’t bring my camera! Fail.

But speaking of fail, let’s talk about my attempt to leave the apartment. I take about two steps out, fully dressed, and completely eat it down the entire flight of concrete stairs leading down from my apartment. Couldn’t catch the rail, couldn’t catch myself, nothing. When I finally landed, I was pretty positive something had to be broken. Nah, I was good. Walked (ok limped) it off and headed on my merry way. I knew it was going to hurt in the morning!

But I was wrong. it definitely hurt like, ASAP. And when I got home, I was able to admire the damage done.


Sweet deal. Good thing my gown for Barrister’s ball is long to cover my battle wounds.

On that note, I need an Advil, an icepack and a nap until tomorrow AM. Happy Tuesday right? Right!

Gotta love Law Week!

Happppy Monday everyone! Its LAW WEEK! LAw week is like, homecoming for law students. But without football. And cheerleaders. And pep rallies. Ok so I guess its not like homecoming persay, but more like the events of homecoming week back in high school! Pretty must just an excuse for us law students to cut loose and extend spring break a little bit.

Law school is a graduate program, its technically a doctoral program. But while doctors get to wear scrubs…we get to wear these.

Ok so I dont actually expect you to get the t-shirt. We have the little law school humor, but it actually is funny, I swear. I digress….Rule 12(b)(7) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states that an affirmative defense to a complaint is “failure to join a party….under Rule 19.” Forget the whole Rule 19 part, its not important. But law week is one big part, so you dont want to fail to join the party, now do you? 😉 See, its funny, I told you!

If that wasn’t amusing for you, try this one on for size…

If that doesn’t make you feel confident in the future of the American justice system, then nothing will.

Tonight was Law School Bowling night. Let me just say, yes, I did beat the guys in my lane. I hate to lose, even at something like bowling. It wasn’t that impressive of a performance, but I’ll take the W!

And now, its past midnight, I haven’t finished reading for Evidence class or packed my costume for Freshman Folliesw tomorrow afternoon (in which I am playing my Evidence professor, so I better be prepared in class or I can kiss my grade goodbye!) Goodnight!

Sunday Fun-day by myself day!

Sunday fun-day can have a lot of different meanings. But personally, I have never been one to rock out on a Sunday (unless there’s a Houston Texans game of course!) This Sunday was actually my first, and only, day of spring break that I had to myself! So my Sunday fun-day went as such…

I slept in. Only until like 9:30, but there was no alarm, no plan and no one woke me up. How fabulous.

I ran. Its gorgeous outside in Birmingham on the first official day of spring. I also am trying to amp up the running for my future tri, and for the formal dress I have to fit in this weekend.

I made breakfast. Pancakes sounded so good, henceforth, I made them. Even used the sweet new pan Mom bought me.


I watched Harry Potter. Yes, again. There’s this 4 day marathon on ABC family and I just can’t say no. I have a minor crush on Draco Malfoy and chose to indulge in the other half of the series! (But don’t oh worry, I didn’t miss the Amazing Race! It was during a movie I had already seen fortunately, phew!)

I wrote and edited my Appellate Brief. Ok that wasn’t part of the fun day plan, but let’s be real, this is law school.

I went to a meeting. Also not in the plan, but its law week, and we had to plan Freshman Follies. Section 3 will rock, get ready! Plan of a life time.

I cruised in Bumble. For anyone that doesn’t know, Bumble is my 2010 Camaro who I personify into way more than a car. I love him, bottom line. He’s been parked all week, so it was time to take him for a spin! So we cruised on over to Starbucks and got a passion fruit iced tea sweetened with raspberry. Fab choice.


I baked. Any good day for me involves baking usually. I had a weird hankering for blueberry muffins, so I made sure I had everything and started making them. I already had the dry ingredients mixed, when I noticed that of the two entire gallons of milk I had in the fridge…both were expired. Someone told me once, probably my all-knowing mother, that water can be a substitute for milk in most things, so water it was! They actually turned out very good! Dot laugh at my ghetto pans, they’re next on the kist of homegoods that I need to purchase!


I ate dinner. Notice I didn’t say made dinner. I just warmed up brisket that mom sent back with me from home and ate that, and was perfectly content.

And what I didn’t do…see many people, clean anything (although I do love to Clorox), go to the library, check the mail or anything else I didn’t want to do. And life was good today. (I also didn’t go to Jason Aldean at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but that was really out of my hands!)

So now I’m just sitting on the chaise lounge, country music playing on my stereo dock and enjoying it. Real life starts again tomorrow…kind of. It’s law week, so it’s like quasi real life and I’ll take it! A long week of law school sanctioned shenanigans ahead sounds grand to me!

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