WalMart…its defensive driving and birrth control in one.

Happy Sunday everyone. I wish I could say it was a Sunday funday, but in the world of law school, it was more of a Sunday workday and that just doesn’t rhyme as well.
Had to spend the morning recovering from the weekend in ATL, so I slept in. Fortunately, I go to a Baptist University and the library doesn’t open until 1pm. Then I hit the library and finished my Response Motion for Summary Judgement and Memorandum Brief. Were writing about on behalf of this whiny woman who choked on a goose bone, and I’ve about had enough of her.
After levying the lib, I did the one thing no person should ever do. Go to WalMart on a Sunday afternoon. The point of the visit was just to get lunchmeat and tackle my current home problem, which is that my garbage can like, stinks. I don’t even know why, I cloroxed it just last week. Something has to done, and WalMart has everything. There were WAY too many choices, lord knows if it’ll work.
But not only doesn’t it have any product you could imagine, it serves so many other purposes…
Defensive Driving. If you have never driven in the Lakeshore WalMart parking lot, it’s the best lesson money cannot buy. Defensive, offensive, obstacle course, they have it all. I pray that Bumble and I make it put alive every time. (For those of you that don’t know, Bumble is my yellow 2010 Chevy Camaro with black stripes who I refer to as an animate object regularly.)
Birth control. Why am I the only person at WalMart without a child? Or seven for that matter? And why is that store like a playground for children of all ages? All I want is to get my air freshener and Special K cereal and get the HECK out of there. Instead, I have to dodge toddlers like an NFL player around defenders. Made it out safe…this time.
On top of all that, I decided NOT to wear my contacts or glasses all day and just kind of stated blankly at people and products. Awesome. Hopefully that box of Special K isn’t like, laundry detergent or something since I couldn’t see it.
On a happy note, I got a sweet package from Mom today full of St. Party’s decorations.
They’re so cute (even though they don’t really match my place) and Im trying to post a picture but I’m using the WordPress app and don’t really know how so we will see if it works! there’s even an app for this. That way, I can write to you while watching Iron Chef on my chaise lounge. What did we do before iPhones? After this, I’m using this little gadget to book plane tickets to Texas for spring break! Hello tickets to Kid Rock at the rodeo, thank you Daddy!
Ok…time to tackle the trash can. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 18:20:12

    Cute decorations! I went to HEB last Sunday, at noon. BAD IDEA! who knew the church crowd could be so mean?


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