What I SHOULD have titled this blog…

would have been, “True Life” I am a 1L.” But let’s be hoenst, unless youre sharing in all the loveliness of law school thats probably the LAST thing anyone ever wants to know about. I already bore my family and friends to tears with stories of cases and motions and judgments, and tons of other things they have no interest in. So you’ll only get a small dose of that, dont you worry! ūüėČ

I haven’t been on WordPress in over a year, so let’s get reacquanted. I am Samantha. I’m a 23 year old law student at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama.¬†¬†Although I attempt to introduce myself as Samantha, it never works and I end up being Samm again. Yes, there are 2 mms in Samm, because I am not a boy.

Yepp, thats me. I came from Texas and will always love the home state! In fact, I am missing the Houston Livestock Show and Rode cook-off weekend right now and am NOT please about it. Its go Texas day today. My family is still back in Texas and I visit frequently. Probably more frequently than my parents want, since it seems like the minute they get rid of both kids…one comes right back.¬†¬†If i had a stetson here, I would have worn it to the library.

I have played volleyball for basically my whole life, but there comes a point when apparently you run out of NCAA eligibility, and you have to retire. Well, that point was 2 yaers ago. Those who can no longer play…coach. So now, I am Coach Samm, head coach of the Team Sting 16-2 junior national volleyball team.

 I wish I could say there was MORE to what I do, but thats about it. I go to class, I study, I coach. And occasionally when I get bored, I bake cupcakes because if I could do anything in the world, it would be drop out of law school and open a cupcake bakery. Second to that, is being a fabulous attorney, and a blonde one at that. Who says Legally Blonde had to be JUST a movie?

We are headed to Atlanta tonight for the North Atlanta Juniors Tournament that will be played tomorrow. Roadtrip with 3 other coaches should be a good time as usualy. We are in a power division, which is the higher of the age group divisions. It could quite possibly be a serious learning experience for the girls. I have a fabulous team…energy, skill, passion, they have it all. Except for being 6’4 with 25″ verticals. I walked by a girl the other day that was my size and I had at LEAST a decade on her.¬†They are growing them big nowadays, I tell you. ¬†That is the power division for you. But we are doing it, and I count on them to rock.¬† They better be ready to go, because with a 7:45am start time on Saturday morning, Coach Samm might need a cup of coffee. Of 4.¬† Fortunately, it is pretty impossible to be in a bad mood around my bunch no matter how early in the morning.

Coming off rpactice last night, I do feel we are ready. Now for Drill of the Day. SCRIMMAGE WITHOUT A SCORE. This is a general scrimmage, nothing fancy, nothing special. the point of the drill is to focus the girls not on the score, but on playing a winning game. Sometimes, during the game, players get so caught up in being ahead of behind on the scoreboard, that they forget to just play a game to win. We did the first game keeping a regular rally play score. The second game, thsoe smarties started keeping track of the score on their own, and we had to change it up. For the second game, switch to  reward and penalty system.Regular rally scoring for the most part, but when someone misses a serve or lets afree  ball drop without going for it, you subtract a point from that team. It shows the girls how important it is to make their serves and make perfect passes on easy plays to set up their offense. They got the point, and the second scrimmage was a good hard game. For good measure and to brag on them, my 16 year oplds beat the 17 year olds both game. Get it girls.  

In the meantime, I have a Response to a Motion for Summary Judgment and a Memorandum Brief in Opposition to perfect. I know I said I wouldn’t bore you to death with legal jargon, but this is¬†MY¬†blog, right? Back to the library and then to an envirograting Lawyering and Legal Reasoning seminar that would put even the most interested law student to sleep.

If you want more, follow me on Twitter, @SAHorwitch. For now, as one of my professors ends EVERY email…happy trails.


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  1. Fit Chick Britt
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 19:43:03

    Love it!!


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My blog is nor professional advice. I'm not a chef, a nutritionist, a certified sports medicine professional or a lawyer (yet.) I'm just a girl who tries to cook healthy for herself, coaches off personal playing experience, lives by the law she knows and understands and blogs for enttertainment. Seek out a professional if you need help is any of the above categories. Thanks for reading!
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